bored...did iq test, haha  

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12/15/2005 12:58 pm

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bored...did iq test, haha

AdultFriendFinder has a lot of little things you can do to kill time. I did the purity test. I'm only 58% pure (42% naughty). Then I did the IQ test, which I didn't put much faith in. It's similar to, if not the same test a lot of sites online have. It really doesn't give you much insight because of things like cultural bias and the like which many IQ tests contain. Knowing this, I took the test anyway just to fool around. I scored 140. It said the average for AdultFriendFinder is 112, which surprised me a little, but who knows who takes these tests on here. Eventually, I will fill out the rest of these things on my profile. I need to think about that whole sexual fantasy thing before I put it to words.

I also took the personality test. I am the Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judger (ENTJ) personality commonly referred to as "The General".

This is what it said about the ENTJ. It says my date book should be full. Unfortunately, my date book is virtually nonexistent.

You were created to be a leader, and you already know this. You have little patience for small talk, redundancies, or things you already know. As the most outspoken LoveType, you are used to getting your way, yet you also like to make sure that others share in a win-win scenario. You enjoy building a team of success-minded people who share your desire for the important things in life: innovation and achievement, power and performance.

ENTJ when in love
Your presence and charisma are intoxicating to the opposite sex and guarantee that your date book will always be full. Your problem is not how to attract others, but how to select the right partner who can complement what you call your “perfect empire,” the ideal life you are constantly striving to create. As a competition-loving General, you are curious to see if you can capture the affections of a beautiful person; the challenge the unattainable hunk or hunkess presents is exciting and stimulating. Although sexual chemistry is important, in the long run you, as a General, prefer a partner who comes close to matching your level of achievement and brain power.

ENTJ where to meet
Where can you meet a General? As befits their name, Generals like to be in command and on center stage. You can usually find them in the courtroom as attorneys, in the boardroom as executive officers, and in health clubs playing a competitive, take-no-prisoners game of racquetball. They are also the high-powered leaders of political, charitable, and religious organizations. To find Generals, go where the power is; they are bound to be there - at the top or striving for the top. You will find them at fine import shops, exotic car dealers, The Single Gourmet (where club members enjoy haute cuisine), sailing clubs, polo clubs, and at country clubs playing tennis and golf, or relaxing in the clubhouse or by the pool.

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