What really bugs me...  

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5/28/2006 2:41 am

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What really bugs me...

I woke up tonight because the screech owl outside was making noise. I came online to check up on some things and came across a reply to one of my blog comments.

What gets me angry?

Know-it-all nurses

Now before some nurse goes off on me and chews my head off, read the damn post first. I'm not trying to disrespect the profession.

You know, I rarely run into other doctors online, but I sure run into a heck of a lot of nurses. Yeesh. Just know I'm totally fine with the nurses I've met that have 30 years of experience. Being a medical student, I take their advice and I won't give them any lip. What I don't like are the young pups who go on and on about what they know about this and that just because they're a nurse. We've got too many bitchy know-it-all nurses in the field and while I admit there are some good ones, there's a reason why the doctor is the doctor and you're the nurse. I see a lot of medical advice being given online, much of it by nurses. Their qualifications always come in the first couple of sentences or the very last sentence. It usually goes like this. "I should know, I'm a nurse." If more doctors spent time online in forums and chat rooms, the nurses would have nothing to say. A lot of doctors simply don't want to provide their 2 cents online because once they do, they'll be dishing out advice every two minutes. They already get phone calls from family members they haven't talked to in 20 years with some kind of health problem. There's also a disturbing anti-doctor sentiment online and a doc simply doesn't want to be persecuted for the shortcomings of another doc.

I knew that because I was dad's boy, the nurses and everyone else in the hospital would call me cute and be so nice to me. But I also understood that in any other hospital as a med student, I had to follow the pecking order. One thing I learned from a surgical registrar over in England was never let the nurse know more than you. If they do, you're in trouble. I also know that if I want my ward run right, I have to give the nurses the respect they deserve. If, on the other hand, they deserve a reminder, they will get one. Now don't give me the "but it's a hard job" routine because there are a lot of crap jobs out there and complaining about work has been around as long as there has been work to do.

I also see a lot of bad mouthing of docs around here. I don't want to hear it, k? There are bad doctors in the field just like there are bad cops on the streets, but that shouldn't turn you off to all of them. You know, there are some damn good ones too (a lesson even I still need to learn cause I hate cops). You can still get help from them and if that's how they make their living, they know more about it than you probably do.

So that's why while I despise know-it-all nurses, I will give them the benefit of the doubt at first (on the job, but not online). However, a nurse with too big of a head turns the pecking order upside down and can completely destroy the foundation medicine is built on. I also recognize that the MD I will receive will not give me absolute power, but it should give some clout. I never badmouth the plumber when the toilet's busted. I recognize he knows more than me about plumbing. (While I dabble in everything electrical, anything with water I stay away from unless it's minor tinkering)

This idea can be applied to just about any delegated position in medicine like my cousin who has worked with special needs children for only one year. All of a sudden she's an expert on pharmacology. We delegate way too much, but that's a whole 'nother rant, although somewhat related because many mistakes are made because of communication errors to the staff.

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