Vaginal sex, a lost art?  

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11/26/2005 5:12 pm

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Vaginal sex, a lost art?

Before I begin, I'd just like to say I might be completely off the mark, but this is just my impression after reading so many posts/profiles.

Vaginal sex becoming a lost art?

With everyone looking to spice up their sex life, it seems like oral has become king. I understand that it takes a little foreplay to get the juices flowing. and don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a little foreplay. It's definitely more enjoyable and the encounter lasts longer. It's not really all that sensual for a guy to just want to stick it in there from the word go. The porn industry and the sex accessory market have both really gone all out to cater to oral sex, from flavored prophylactics to all kinds of odd looking toys in the shape of a mouth. The cum shot has probably taken over as one of the most common images of sex.

We have couples wanting another woman for a 3some with great licking abilities. We have gay and bisexual men offering bj services to straight men. Guys everywhere are scrambling to learn how to lick just right. The Sam Kinison alphabet joke isn't much of a joke anymore. Men add it to their list of techniques thinking it'll get her to moan like mad. Women are just as obsessed with giving their man the best bj known to mankind. There are entire web sites dedicated to spitting or swallowing and ways to make cum taste better.
To some, oral has become the new sex. To many others, it is just an extension of sex in the form of foreplay.

Then it hit me. You've got her juices flowing. You might have even made her cum with your masterful tongue. You might have gone 69 on each other before straight fucking begins. The main course hasn't even been served (pardon my use of an oral reference like eating a main course now that I have moved on to vaginal sex). Fewer people are paying attention to all that can be done with vaginal sex. I haven't even mentioned anal. Hell, anal sex has probably lost the battle anyway. It's not for everyone.

Anyway, on to straight fucking. Are the positions of Kama Sutra still as popular a topic? Granted doggy is probably leading the pack when it comes to positions, but variations of even the most simple of positions (missionary) still can be played with. Surely there must be a reason behind so many women wanting to get their 7-10" equipped men for more than just foreplay. There are so many motions either gender can do to make vaginal sex fun because it's all about the motion of the ocean from fast to slow, thrust, ride, bend, round and round, and everything in between. You can moan, scream, slap, pull, bite, or whatever you fancy to excite yourself and/or your partner.

So the next time you're writing up your profile, blog, or fantasy, be sure to elaborate on what seems to be a forgotten art. We all know you wanna be licked and sucked, but how you want to be fucked is something only you can put to words. What I'm saying is there are better ways to say it than being bent over the hood of a car and taken from behind. It's more than a quickie, or at least it should be.

I know I'm not the greatest at articulating what I like or how I do it, but I can try. One thing I like is being on top from behind, almost like the kama sutra elephant position, except my knees are bent on either side and i'm sitting upright with her legs together in between mine going at a good pace for a long time, grabbing onto her butt or my arms at her sides or around on her breasts, sometimes leaned over to her turned head kissing her lips and sucking her tongue into my mouth. I'm in control and she can adjust to help if needed simply by moving her hips. Talk about sweaty! I wish I had a picture to show you what I'm talkin about.

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