The Irony  

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8/1/2006 3:49 pm

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8/1/2006 8:27 pm

The Irony

I just came across a profile that caught my eye. I wanted to give it a look to see if it was just another fake. In the photo, she was sucking a guy off.

In her profile, she says she enjoys safe sex. Guess what? No barrier was between her lips and the cock. I'm shocked as to how naïve people are these days about sex. There are so many myths out there that it's no surprise HIV and STDs are the way they are. I've always felt that AdultFriendFinder should take some responsibility as a sex site and offer medically relevant information so that its members are able to get correct and up to date info on sex.

As an up and coming future doctor, I'm all ready to keep a straight face when my patient tells me some oddball belief about sex. It doesn't matter what age they are. Grandparents seem to be just as active and wild as their teen grandchildren these days.

If you get a chance, read up on what you should know, okay?


Almost forgot....

I need to pick a photo of the day don't I?

I just saw this one on my Who's Online and I've got to say it's an amazing shot.



8/1/2006 4:55 pm

I've noticed that myself. The number of profiles with pics showing unsafe sex is really rather scary. Plus, does everybody honestly believe all of these people with these pics are ddf?

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