Mona Lisa  

SlimGoodGuy 38M
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12/16/2005 11:36 pm

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Mona Lisa

Okay, before I start, I need to say that I'm not one for art. I don't get much out of it. I'm the type of person that'll look at it and say "Yep, there it is. Okay, let's go now." My brother was the art major. I went for the sciences, but enjoy music and philosophy.

So, I was reading an article on CNN today about how some guy set up a computer to analyze Mona Lisa's smile. He put in all kinds of women's neutral facial expressions into the computer for it to "learn" what emotions looked like on a face. This emotion recognition software found that Mona Lisa was 83 percent happy, 9 percent disgusted, 6 percent fearful, and 2 percent angry. Who the hell will ever know what was going through her mind? We can only speculate.

Here's where my mind goes. We really don't know who Mona Lisa was. I think the general consensus is that her last name was Gioconda, the name of a silk merchant. The Italians do call the painting La Gioconda. There are all kinds of theories as to who Mona Lisa was. Some think the painting is a self portrait of Da Vinci as a woman. Others think it's his mom. She could also be a Florentine prostitute. Now, here's my question. If we did find out who Mona Lisa was (pick one of the 3 or 4 choices above). Would that change how you view the painting? Would you be less interested in it? More interested? I'm into history more than the actual art, so I would probably store that info in my brain for later use. It wouldn't change my thoughts on the actual artwork itself.

(Also for the record, I never read the Da Vinci Code and I won't get dragged into reading it either)

imBambi 58M/50F

12/17/2005 12:51 am

I love your blog - on the light side but intelligent.

I think it is a self portrait and it fascinates me that much more.

SlimGoodGuy 38M

12/17/2005 8:28 am

Thanks. That's what I was going for! Keep coming back if you get a chance.

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