Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson  

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1/8/2006 10:44 pm

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Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson

Now I don't know what side of the fence most of A.F.F'ers sit on, but sometimes you just need to admit some people are mean spirited and should not be in a position to influence millions. I'd rather have teens following trends to be like (insert teen idol here).

I was just thinking how bad it is that around 2.5 million people watch "The O'Reilly Factor." I guess when you get to be that big of a jerk, people just like the sensationalistic bickering that goes on. Where's the reality show where O'Reilly gets put in a cage with a man eating tiger?

If Fox News can get rid of Ann Coulter (a mega witch), surely ABC Family could give Pat Robertson the axe. He's said a couple things that are way out there.

You've also probably seen the footage of Robert Novak storming off the set of CNN's Crossfire.

But if this kind of junk makes money, there's no incentive for these networks to give crazy people the boot.

I'm not asking for people to agree with my political stance, but at least admit there are nuts out there shaping the minds of voters. I'm not fond of Michael Moore, although he has made some valid points here and there. He's not nearly as nuts as O'Reilly, Coulter, or Robertson. I don't think he influences as many viewers either.

So, to bring this into the AdultFriendFinder realm, do you let politics affect your choice in partners or is it no big deal? Considering the Right's general disapproval of many sexual acts and sexual preferences related to members on this site, I doubt we would ever encounter members with such a conservative ideology. Too broad of a statement? Will government ever control our sexual freedoms?

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