My patience paid off!  

SlikyChocolate2 38
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3/9/2006 7:39 am

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3/30/2006 8:08 am

My patience paid off!

Seeeeeeee, didn't I tell you that if you're patient, it will happen....

I saw her profile just recently and figured I'd take my chances. She responded and we met last night. I walked into her room and was taken back. I was VERY comfortable and was honestly relived she was a VERY pretty woman. How lucky was I?! We chit chatted for a moment, to warm up to one another but then, I couldn't take it any longer!!! Since it was a special day for her, (Her birthday) I HAD to "hook her up"...I ate and ate, and fed and fed and that pussy was sooo wet, tasty, and juicy. I had her squirming and moaning. The taste of her cum sent shockwaves through my body and the friction from the bed and me wanting her SO badly, I ended up cumming WITHOUT even being touched! I couldn't stop there. I wanted to make her cum again...and I did. She was moaning and moving so, that it made me soooo hott! I lapped her cum up and finished my meal like a good girl. Kissed her on her forehead and left.

I cannot wait to meet up with her again. I know you're reading this sweetie and I just want to say, I cannot WAIT until our 2nd meeting...

SlikyChocolate2 38
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3/9/2006 3:06 pm

Fo' sho Ma!

sominontheside3 49M
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3/13/2006 7:08 am

I would love to get a tatse of your sweet pussy. Looks so tasty. Nothing better than a fresh juicy punany.

NumberOneLioness 38F
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3/13/2006 3:22 pm

Awwww, I am so jealous. I hope that I will have the wonderful pleasure of swapping cum with you, too. 4chubby4, you are so lucky to have tasted that beautiful kitty! Was it as delicious as it looks?

bi_girl_39051 51F

3/29/2006 3:33 pm

Loved the post! Sounds like a yummy fun time!

SlikyChocolate2 38
22 posts
3/30/2006 8:08 am

Yummy fun time indeed!

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