All is well  

SlikyChocolate2 38
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3/21/2006 3:25 pm
All is well

Quite day today, (which I like). I tend to get busier in the evening hours which blows because the kids are all up in my grille by then! My girlfriend will be flying in from NH on Friday and I'm soooo stoked! She came here this time last year, then I flew over in April last year and now she's coming back!! WOOHOO!! We've never "gotten down" before, but we did slightly make out when I was there last April, which was pretty hott. I'm PRETTY sure it WILL go down this weekend though. We talk all the time over the phone and instant messaging so the sexual energy has been pinned up for almost a year now.

on the other front...

I had some HOTT, HOTT, HOTT phone sex with a member here yesterday. I do enjoy phone sex but it's sooo frustrating when you're so hott and you can't touch that person. I'm sure when we DO meet, it will make the anticipation even better.

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