Slicknsweet22 36F
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3/13/2006 6:49 pm

Do you ever wonder sometimes why life isn't like the movies? I mean, seriously, what kid didn't want Mary Poppins as a freakin Nanny? I mean, the brawd was totally cool! She could fly, take you anywhere you wanted to go, hell, even make you enjoy taking your medicine(hence the title). I mean c'mon, life is so much easier in the movies. You meet someone, have great sex, fall in love, fight, someone tries to kill 'em, you save the day, kiss, then make up. Who wouldn't want that? Okay, well, I for one, could live without the attempt on my life, truth be told. But other than that, its all so dreadfully romantic. And the real bitch of it is, not ONE single guy is like that in real life! I mean, yeah, okay, there are your romantics out there, but I mean, who actuall takes the time to sweep a person off their feet every day? No one! Its always RUSH RUSH RUSH! Gotta go here, gotta go there, gotta work 80 hours in a week just to make ends meet! When do people actually sit down, relax, and just feel content without a million different things running through there heads? Ugh! Mine is spinning just thinking about it!!

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