Need Help!!!!  

SlapMyAss94 42M/39F
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3/24/2006 2:24 pm
Need Help!!!!

Ok.... here it goes.... I am a very outgoing person, will listen to what anyone has to say, and give my opinons when asked. I would just like to engage in a conversation long enough for people to realize that! Why is it that whenever I get into a chat room on this site and try to talk to ppl, they ignore me? It can't be anything that I said, they haven't chatted with me, so how would they know what kind of person that I am.... What? Am I so hiddious that the only one who can look at me is my hubby? Plz, someone give me AN HONEST answer to that one...if that be the case, then I would be happy enough to just find someone for my hubby to devour!!! How does that sound? Why is that talking to females in chat rooms is so hard? Is the only way to meet ppl by going to clubs and bars? If that's so...someone plz tell us so that we can stop our search now for the right person... Like the title of this blog says....Need Help!!! Can't wait to hear feedback, Thanks for all your help The Wife of SlapMyAss!!

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