New man in the house....  

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1/8/2006 12:28 am

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New man in the house....

Everyone up there's a New Man in the house

I am a Brother in Toronto and I've lived in a few US cities. Here is my take on the party scene as I mature. What's yours?

When I party I like to hook up with Ms. Hell-of-Girl but I also like chilling with the boys and feeling secure not hitting on the ladies. If I am out at the bar or social event and the girls are in that talk to the hand mood I don't take it personal.

I've had a great time standing or sitting around shooting the shizzaz with another guy.
I am drawn to and admire people with as little hang-ups and baggage as possible.

I've been doing the party scene since the days of Disco and I've seen the best of times and I've had a few nights when I wished I had stayed at home.

My visits to the club scene are few now and far between and I tend to be selective about the venue and the clientele.

I feel the need to bounce when the runners, sagging pants and atheletic wear start pouring into a mature joint.

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