One Snowy Night  

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One Snowy Night

Night fell with a whisper of snow floating down from the dark skies above. Sky knew that the drive home would be terrible, the road through the canyon was never plowed and then there were the deer to contend with. She shook her head as the road began its upward ascent into the canyon.
"Damn, I hate it when it snows this much."
A soft sigh escaped past her lips as she peered out at the white landscape before her headlights.
A movement to her right gave her a start and the worst did happen. The deer darted out into the snowy road then paused, pinned by the headlights.
"Shit" Sky cried as she tapped the brakes and tried to aviod the deer.
The truck slid to one side, four wheel drive kicking in it began to straighten out but then the front tires hit the plowed drift on the side of the road and soon she found herself stuck in a snowstorm on the side of a mostly deserted road.
"Just perfect," she sighed and fished out her cell phone. Looking down she noticed that there was no service.
"Of course I get stuck in the one dead zone in the canyon."
She looked around and wondered if she could walk a ways downt he cayon to get reception but then she saw headlights approaching.
The snow fell in soft waves around her as she waved at the now slowing truck. Once it had pulled up behind her, headlights illuminating her struck truck, the driver hopped out. Sky laughed as she recognized the person approaching her and was so relieved.
"Brett, thank god it is you!" she laughed as she threw her arms around the dark haired man.
"Hey Sky." he hugged her back then pointed at the truck.
"I see you have a little problem?"
"Yeah, a deer got in the way so I need you to pull me out."
"Sure, lets get you out of here."
In a short while her truck was out of the snowbank and she smiled at Brett.
"Come on to my place, let me repay you for this with something warm to drink."
"That sounds real good after all of this." he grinned.
Sky slowly drove down her street, checking her mirror for the hundreth time to see if Brett was still behind her. She was so amazed at her luck. This was the one man she had always had a crush on and she wondered if she could get him something more warm than just coffee.
Once inside the house Brett looked around and smiled.
"You alone tonight?"
"Yep, all alone...well except for the fish." she glanced at the large tank of fish near the television.
"Good because there is something I have been wanting to do for a long time." he said, his brown eyes gleaming.
A shiver of pure pleasure raced down her spine as his lips covered hers in a hungry kiss. Her hands slid up his chest, over his shoulders, and she buried her fingers into his long dark hair. Her heart hammered with the realization that he was the one who started this and that meant he had been wanting her as well.
Lips parted and she whispered, "It seems you were thinking what I have been thinking for a long time."
"Yes, and I am not stopping at a kiss." his voice husky with desire as he tugged her closer to him.
"Good, I do not want you to."
Their lips met once again and clothing began to drop to the floor.
Each touch, each caress made her tremble in anticipation. She ached for the feel of his lips on her body, the feel of him thrusting deep inside of her.
Strong arms lifted her off her feet and soon she found herself sitting on the couch. Brett kneeled between her spread legs, chocolate eyes alive with passion and a mischievious smile on his lips. Those lips found their way from her jawline to her nipples. His tounge snaked out to glide around each hardened tip. Electric tendrils raced through her body at each lick, suck, and tug at those sensitive buds. His hands slid up and down her sides, along her legs, and one hand found its way between her legs. When a finger slid between the wet folds she cried out as a wave of pleasure washed over her. That finger dipped deep inside then back out to circle the sensitive nub that grew harder with each caress.
She knew that he was trembling with his own desire, she could feel the tension in his shoulders as she clutched at him. His questing tounge dipped lower on her tummy, tasting her belly button, and then finally sliding down to find her hot folds. When his tounge flicked back and forth across her clit she cried out.
"Yes..." she panted as her fingers threaded through his hair.
After a a few moments of tourture from his tongue dipping into her heat over and over she tugged on his hair.
"Brett, please...I need to feel you deeper." she panted.
"Your wish is my command." he said straightening with a dark smile.
She watched as his hard cock rubbed at her opening and she reached a hand down to caress him as he slid slowly into her heat.
"Yesss..." he said as he buried himself deep in her hot, wetness.
Slowly he moved in and out and she felt as if her blood were on fire. She clutched at his arms panting as he began to move faster and deeper into her.
"I have wanted you for so damn long." he groaned as he pushed her legs upward to go even deeper into her.
Gasping she said, "Then show me just how much you want me now Brett."
A soft growl escaped him and he leaned down to capture her mouth with his. His thrusts were harder and deeper now as their tounges twined together.
Straightening he gapsed, "Oh yeah now baby now."
She could feel him swell within her and that sent her over the edge. The orgasm slammed into her with wild waves of pleasure. Her back arched she cried out as his thumb ran over her clit making her whole body shake with the force of her release.
His release came with a deep cry of her name and she could feel his cum shooting deep within her.
Once the tremors slowed she opened her eyes to deep brown ones inches from hers.
"I think there are a few more positions I would like to try. Are you game?" he said.
"Oh hell yes. Lets head to the bedroom to see what we can do."

*To be continued...someday.*

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