The virtue of selfishness  

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7/17/2006 8:36 am

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The virtue of selfishness

OK, I admit it, I’m a Libertarian. I’m completely convinced that Government for the most part is a complete waste of time. It doesn’t protect us, isn’t interested in our well being or want a better life for us. The people running our government are mostly interested in what will help them reach their goals.

The Demopublicans and Republicrats both are interested in one thing, the extension of their time in office. They will make it seem like they’re interested in us, but in fact, they just want more time playing with public money.

But, that isn’t the purpose of this post. I wanted to talk about the virtue of selfishness. Selfishness doesn’t mean we take advantage of others It does mean we do what we believe is in our own best interests. By doing so, we can be true to our moral compass and allow others to gain energy from us.

If we have to spend time working in others best we will experience an energy drain. We all have energy we can use for others purpose, but it’s a finite amount of energy. When we act in a manner that supports our uniqueness we gain energy. So, we have a choice whether we want to create or use personal energy. Eventually, working against our selfish interests will force us to start using others energy.

Getting together with others who share a common moral code allows us to gain energy. When passion is mixed with common beliefs we have extra energy we can share with others. Concentrating on developing that spark within allows us to have extra energy for others. Allowing others to drain the spark within, forces us to drain energy from those around us.

I believe it’s important that we find ways to selfishly create more personal energy. This means we take actions that help us gain personal joy, passion, excitement and accomplishment. When we take actions that energize our life, we have extra energy to share. That’s the virtue of selfishness.

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