The Concert  

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8/2/2006 6:20 pm

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The Concert

We walk through security into the show. You’re in front of me. I take advantage of the opportunity to rub up against your ass. You look back at me with that sly look you have, the one that says this will be a special night.

It’s hot, real hot. You’re wearing a peasant skirt and a linen blouse. I’m wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We wander down to our seats and find we’re in the fifteenth row. This means that once the band comes on everyone around us will be standing. I’m wondering if we’ll also stand.

The lights dim, the band comes on and sure enough all around us stand, hoot and holler. Watching the band walk on stage makes me feel this could be a musically magical night.

The music starts, it’s one of those great slide into the evening tunes, nice and slow and bluesy. The music starts to move me to a different place. While everyone around us stood, we decided to sit and let the music move us as the night went on. Before I knew it I had your hand close to my mouth. Your fingers just slid into my mouth, one at a time and very slowly. On your third finger I looked up and into your eyes. You were looking at me with those smoldering eyes, longing for more.

The band starts to warm up. The music and temperature both get hotter. I stand and look down at you. You decide to sit and I notice your skirt has ridden up your thighs. You look so sexy. My cock starts to grow. While watching the band I look down and see you not looking at the band, but at my cock. Your tongue is slowly circling your lips.

You look up at me and see me looking at you. A very, very hot look comes across your face with that wonderful smile. You look back at my cock and slowly move your tongue in and out of your lips. You, then look back at me and lock your eyes on mine, I look at your breasts and see your nipples are getting hard and your breathing a little faster. My cock gets harder as I become more turned on.

The band continues playing. The music is getting hotter. I don’t know if the temperature is getting hotter, but I sure am. I take your hand and slowly get you to stand. I then move behind you and we both sway to the music. You grind your ass into my cock and lean your head back against mine. I lean over and gently, but slowly lick your neck. I’m in a perfect position to gaze down your neck to your breasts. Your nipples have gotten hard enough for them to show through your blouse.

As we sway to the music, my ear is right next to your mouth. I hear you groan. I move from nibbling your neck to your left ear. Your ear lobe is so soft and feels a little like your clit as I circle your ear with my tongue.

I can feel your moans get a little more insistent. You start to grind your ass into my cock. We both are glistening from the temperature in the concert hall and from the sexual tension we’ve built.
The band stops playing, you turn to me put your hands on my ass and look into my eyes. I slide my hands from behind your head and ears down your back to your ass. We don’t care who or if anyone is paying attention to us.

I slowly move my lips towards yours. Our kiss is not meant for public display, but we don’t care. You move your hands up to the small of my back and start to grind your pussy into my cock. We both are breathing hard. I notice two buttons on your blouse have come undone. I can look directly at your nipples, seeing that they are pointing straight out, just like my cock.

The band starts their next song, we continue our kiss. Some of the people around us notice, but we don’t care. I feel the beginning tremors of your orgasm. I start to back off, but you won’t let me. You pull me closer to you with more vigor. You grind harder and your breathing becomes even more labored.

I feel you starting to cum. The band is playing and you are telling me how good you feel. I feel your legs start to buckle. I slowly let you sit down again. The band continues to play. They play a ballad that feels like it was written and played for us.

This night started like a special night and grew into one that was memorable. Not only did we have a special night of music, we had a special night of love. I experienced feelings and went to a place I had never been to before.

Have you ever had an experience with a lover where you reached new heights while the world went about their business all around you?

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Yup...this juiciness is from me....


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