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7/9/2006 5:16 am

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Music and our profile

When I was filling out my profile, I found that I wanted to add more to the music questions. I think the top groups, types of music and genres will be very different, depending on what I'm doing at any particular time.

If I'm listening to live music, I want musicians who can take me to a different place, Bela Fleck, Stanley Clarke, The Dead, Bruce Hornsby. These folks are great improvisationalists and on a regular basis allow me to close my eyes and be transported somewhere else. This type of music when listened to on CD should be live performances. They are so much better than studio stuff.

If I'm dancing, I want primal music. Music that makes my body throb. Usually the best is house music. I never know who's playing and frankly, it doesn't really matter as long as the music flows through my body and makes me throb. Also, helps to have a partner to share the beat and primal activities with.

When in a club, I want to listen to music that is meant for small venues and played extremely well. Hot Tuna, Derick Trucks, Buddy Guy all come to mind for this experience. These musicians are meant for the small venue and I'm always able to form a personal relationship with the band.

Reading is a whole different area. I want to be able to transport myself and need to slow down. Here I like baroque music. One that has a slower beat of around 60 beats per minute. Brahms, Bach and Chopin are great for these areas.

Out of curiosity, where does music fit in with your life?

meerkittykat 42F

7/9/2006 6:44 am

I love music....I'd rather go see a concert than a movie anyday, rather go to a jazz club than a loud bar. I saw Buddy Guy in a small venue, could practically reach out and touch him, then he started wandering throughout the audience and would play at the different tables. Was awesome...

If you have a few seconds, I invite you over to my blog to check out [post 419109] ....hope to see you there.


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