The week in review...  

(Juan S)
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10/17/2005 2:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The week in review...

dribble dribble, drab, drum, drah!!!!

alrighty... couldn't get the uber hot model Ashley Dorenzo to host my event at the I-rock nightclub in Detroit on December 18th. So gotta hit the modeling agency tomorrow, because promo has to start...NOW!!! (Google ashley' name and you'll
see what I mean).
Got Midwest studios as a sponsor and revolver magazine is doing a give a way. Gotta call the limo company tomorrow to see if they are in or not. Then that one is put to rest. Flyers and posters,order. Distribute and then e-mail anybody and everybody that has anything to do with rock or that likes rock and may come to the show.

Confirm starting date for weekly house gig for Dj fixed who will be releasing his debut EP/CD hopefully somewhere before the annual winter music conference in Miami, in March. Begin sending press releases, next week on that!

Finish the DAYUM Book already, dodo brain...

Call the graphics guy so he can do the cover of book, with the back cover beginning advance advertising for the Direct to DVD film, Book and soundtrack that we have to find funding for and then somehow make happen by the end of second quarter.

Find sponsors for 10 city artist search/book tour.

Quit dead end job...It is painfully obvious that they don't and will not pay me enough, it is frustrating and they quite simply are IN THE WAY.

Find another dead end temporary job, until first products are finished.

Confirm start date and time for weekly gig in LA for DJ fixed.

Confirm start date and time for weekly gig in NY for DJ fixed.

Confirm start date and time for weekly gig in Vegas for Dj Fixed

Confirm start date and time for weekly gig in Detroit for DJ fixed

Schedule all of his appearances aroung those...LOL

Finish packing as much as possible, so when new Detroit house comes through, I am ready to go...

Need more boxes dammit!!!

Figure out the angle on Jazz singer... What is the best move to introduce him to the public. Style Harry Connick Jr, Sloan/Tate,
Nat King Cole... Jeez...If we were doing Gino Vanelli, Sade, Erykah Badu or Kem...I would immediately know what to do.
However, more research is needed.

E-mail everybody and their mothers regarding DJ Fixed Tour and EP.

E-mail everybody and their mothers, cousin , aunties friend about the Book and film.

Reserve suite at Shanty creek December 30th thru January 1st, just in case...

Keep fingers crossed that everything works according to plan.

Curse at wall again...

Ok. Tomorrow is Monday. New Week!!!

Mikey_B1972 44M

10/17/2005 5:54 pm

After all that, i think i'll make a margarita and go chill in the hot tub for a while......thanks for the workout!!! LOL

redmartinigirl 43F

10/17/2005 6:03 pm

You need yourself an Executive Assistant! maybe you can get one to trade favors with you

pussnboots694 73M/78F

10/17/2005 7:34 pm

Wow baby..
you are so busy..
Don't forget
to take time out
to take in the
beautiful sunsets..
They alwayr remind me
of someone special..

(Juan S)
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10/18/2005 6:54 am

Evil Jez..just pure evil...LOL

Reine... and I still have to quit the dead end job...ugh! Went is such an embarrassment and time consuming practice...

Mikey... Just like a brother!!! HEY!!! Where's my cd's and when is this weekend supposed to happen? LOL...

KJ... I miss them too...wondered what happened to you... e-mail me or hit me up sometime.

Redmartini... working on that right now as a matter of raise some capital though or..heh it out in trade... I'm pretty good at that, I'm told...LOL

Puss... Everything seems like one long day with me passing out a different times, so I don't actually remember the last time i saw a sunset or a sunrise for that matter... ...however i think of the special people in my heart constantly and within that I find my sunsets...

TopFisher 63M

10/18/2005 12:39 pm

Do you have a web site for this tour yet?

And tell us more about DJ Fixed..

(Juan S)
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10/18/2005 2:12 pm

working on the websites now and trying to raise capital you see why the job is getting in the way...LOL.

DJ Fixed spins House, R&B and Hip Hop. Main focus on House.

(Princess Lips)

10/19/2005 9:22 am

Chill baby Chill...xo



(Juan S)
2642 posts
10/19/2005 10:16 am

Reine... I try to remind myself of that, everyday... TRUST ME!!! LOL...

Redlips... How can I chill, when you make it soooo hot?

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