Press On Regardless...  

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11/15/2005 9:03 pm

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Press On Regardless...

This has been an extremely busy few days. There have been good things and bad things happening and my world is taking on the characteristics of a POR rally. For those that don't know, that is the initials for Press On Regardless... no matter what happens, what falls apart or what blows up...keep moving.

So of course there have been random thoughts associated with all of these developments...

When I first came to this site it was to heal and to find some people to have fun with. During this process, I figured out what it is that I really wanted, which was to find a meaningful relationship again. Someone that didn't judge where I am right now and could actually help me to grow mentally and emotionally into the place I AM going to be...

I didn't realize how much I was actually asking, considering that I speak with people all over the place...and I will travel to them.

It is true that in 2006, I hope to do a lot of traveling.
I came to the realization that most people my age are already to tied into their lives and baggage to actually be able to join me... something that when I was younger was not a big deal... for whatever reason, that didn't dawn on me until recently...

So, my purpose and goals, I guess it is safe to say have... relaxed a bit. Now, especially thanks to some recent advice, I am on a "See what happens" mission. This displeases and dissapoints me, more than anyone will truly know. I'm not dwelling on the bad things going on. I'm not anticipating the joys of achieving what I desire or my goals... I am merely here.
Too far to turn around and can't stay where I am...don't even
Press On Regardless...Whatever happens happens...

To many that is a way of life... I know personally it doesn't have to be that way... however, that is where I find myself...
One thing I find positive and negative, is that a lot of us bare a large part of ourselves within our various blogs. This is positive in the sense that it strips away some essential surprises and saves a bit of time, wondering...almost like going shopping for exactly what you want to find. It has a downside also... Here are the scenarios that I have seen thru my research... In no way does this look to criticize or down any ones decisions or actions, These are merely observations.

Scenario #1 The seemingly perfect person that is too hurt or too distracted to engage in anything serious. Or maybe just NOT interested...LOL.

Scenario #2 The interested single person that has a "Special" friend that she is seeing also...

Scenario #3 The Married person that is interested in starting a separate ongoing relationship...

Scenario #4 The married person that doesn't want anyone to know..

Scenario #5 The single person, that just wants to have fun and will quit having fun with YOU, if you even hint at it getting serious, or that you happen to actually enjoy her company outside of the bedroom...

Scenario #6 The recently attached...

Scenario #7 The person whose profile doesn't match, then you find out that either they changed their mind, You got past her usual preferences or you probably would get passed their preferences, but you will never know, cuz they just read the profile, never ask questions and move on to the next one...

What scenarios have you encountered? What are you looking for here? Have you found it? Are you being satisfied?

tillerbabe 55F

11/16/2005 12:46 am

All of the above....and some wonderful Dominate men....

DTand5Speed 41M/50F

11/16/2005 6:37 am

I found much more than I was looking for and I'm satisfied beyond belief. Truly exceptional. I joined this site due to the prodding of my assistant who decided a I needed a life. I'll never be able to thank him enough. I found the love of my life.

I hope you find everything you desire and then some Siz. Hugs - DT

(Princess Lips)

11/16/2005 6:55 am

*wonders what is behind door # 3* lmao


(Princess Lips)

11/16/2005 7:03 am

*just looking for a boy toy*


rm_corezon 53F
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11/16/2005 6:53 pm

(I'm female, ignore the siluette, I keep thinking somebody with this site will actually READ their support memos or notice but it hasn't happened yet. Have to point this out or my comments sound so strange to think they might be coming from a man).

The blogs sucked me into this thing, thought about one myself but so far I'm too lazy or not inspired enough...or something...

Your blog appeals to me. Funny how some do and some don't. Your reasons describe my reasons for doing the personals thing period.

I've seen all of the above, especially on this site compared to others. I suspect that sometimes people are looking for something a little different than what they profess or even realize they're looking for. Then again, maybe they want exactly what they say they want. Who knows.

I think though that these sites, and this blog outlet, is a wonderful escape. And I suspect that's what most of us are doing. I have my up days, my down days, and don't really expect anything...but on the other hand, I also know that if you don't get on your walking shoes and go looking for what's around the corner you might just miss it. It rarely comes straight to your door unless it's a bill collector--------

So I expect that one day I'll take some corner and find the future that's been waiting to greet me, and keep in mind David Lee Roth, don't sweat the small shit. And the important thing to remember, it's all small shit.

And generally it is. Everything passes, the good and the bad. I hope to be courageous enough, though, that the next time I run into something really good, or even promising!!! I won't let the details bog me down---the need for honesty or faith in myself or someone else send me running---and when the road seems dark I won't let that small shit get me down 'cause what comes around goes around. Ya know? And then eventually it's just history.

There might be friends waiting out there. And there might be The One. If the right person is out there, we will find each other. And I'd rather pass on the wrong ones, anyway. Only friends last forever.

rm_summer765 52F
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11/16/2005 7:53 pm

I've come across quite a few married men.I check just about every profile from someone who has contacted me.If it says married or no answer...I don't bother w/ a response..I do have some morals lol I did meet a man on here almost 3 months ago.We're still seeing each other but more or less as a "fuck buddy" scenario.Which is fine by me...the sex is great plus he does make me laugh lol I was going to stop seeing him due to alot of things going on in his life right now..filing for divorce,filing for temporary custody of the kids which he did get. He didn't want me to stop seeing him...awwww. It must be my magnetic charm I've also come across some really strange ones..DELETED LOL Siz..pertaining to another matter..i checked out ur boy Dwele..he's hot..i really liked his music

anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

11/17/2005 2:45 am

i'm just bored. Stopped really looking and now just enjoy my friends here.....

(Princess Lips)

11/17/2005 8:47 am

*still looking for a boy toy* lol


islandgirl_702 54F

11/30/2005 2:47 pm

Talked to dozens of men...MET?...Only FIVE....USAUALLY, within the first 5 mins you KNOW where it will go...LOCALLY, I have met 5 men...1= Booty Buddy {who now is committed to the one I told him would be HIS} he says did I jinx him or was it time to settle down...2= Ewwwh! Yuck! Phewy! NO FUCKING...1=NO encores! Last place for academy awards....1=Undercover commitment that now has to endure the DEMOLTION of dishonored FRIENDSHIP......... It was noticeable I had been OUT of the dating scene for almost 18 years...Talking to men outside of my local area or even my STATE...felt more acceptable, complication FREE, LESS demanding, UN-dramatic......
THEN, I started talking to HIM...I cannot survive without hearing his voice, he makes my heart flutter thinking about him, and he makes me REACH OUT AND TOUCH MYSELF when he breathes on the phone, ewww,& I feel he is any woman's Knight in Armor...We've even made plans for the next 3-6 months...I must have his arms around me...I am beginning to become consumed with emotions~crying, insecurities, uncertainty, etc...etc... Its cuz I HAVE TO HAVE HIM...I often told him I was going to sell my soul to the devil ~or~ possibly just sell my ass....just to fly on the spur of the moment....HOWEVER, He too has become "no longer himself"....moody, frustrated, short span patience, etc...etc... Sooooooooooooo I have done the unthinkable to ME & the unselfish to YOU....He's horny and needs intimacy or a good fuck....Sniff! Sniff! I have given him his space back...he would NEVER have indulged in carnal lust knowing what it would inflict on me....This is my gift to him...I might lose him {He warned me of the pandora box this would open...} Please pray for me....I know I may lose him...However, I can't...nor am I willing to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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