End of the Year projection...Part I, II & III: The Conclusion  

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11/2/2005 12:16 pm

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End of the Year projection...Part I, II & III: The Conclusion

Part I

Holding each other close. Cuddled inside of my jacket with me.
Your back against my chest.
Braving the snow and wind on the balcony of Shanty Creek Ski Resort.
Candles lit in the room, filling it with the fragrance of strawberries and Jasmine.
I watch you, transfixed by your beauty, as you stick your tongue out to catch a falling snowflake.
" Very Talented", I tease.
"Mmmm, but this is only the beginning" you say as you turn to face me.
Your arms encircle my waist as you tilt your head back and lean in to kiss me.
I taste the passion on your lips, the urgency transmitted to my body through your tongue, dancing against mine.
I move backwards into the room, still holding you, still kissing those lips that I never...ever... want to part from.
We tumble into the bed, covered by the Lynx fur blanket, I surprised you with for Christmas. The perfect gift for the couple that never wants to leave their bed.
I rise to remove my Jacket and you rise to pull me back into your embrace by the collar of my shirt.
God, how I have waited for this moment...
Your hands exploring my body as we both tear at each others clothing.
I've been craving you...
Lost in the thoughts of You and I...Together at last...
I press my naked flesh to yours...
The heat emanating from our bodies, warm enough to instantly melt the stray snowflakes that dotted your neck and face...
I allow my tongue to wander hungrily along your flesh.
From your forehead, to your cheeks, your bottom lip, your neck, your throat...
A moan escapes from your lips, prompting me to explore further...south.
My hands come up to cradle the sides of your head as I kiss your hungry lips once more, before greedily moving to your breast.
inhaling one nipple, then moving to the other, back again to the right, now to the left, each change drawing more and more of you between my lips...my tongue doing a pirouette across your lusciousness. Your mouth open, hands clasping mine, breathing excitedly as the passion we are sharing is transferred back and forth between us.
My journey has not been completed as I slide my hands down to take the place of my lips, that have now found a new target.
Kissing your stomach, leaving a trail of love bites along your sides as my destination changes once more.
Across your navel, causing you to squirm momentarily... lower...lower, until I my face is buried between your thighs.
your hips involuntarily raising to greet the new found pleasure invading your essence.
Hungrily, I lick your outer lips, then bury my tongue to the hilt.
"SHhhhhiiitttt", You exclaim and I take it as a compliment, urging me to perform, as your hands come down to caress the back of my head. To pull me closer into your body.
My full lips come up to entrap your clit. My tongue encircling it
as my mouth pulls you further in. Almost willing you to cum for me... Cum for me...cum for me...
Almost as if by magic, You explode...thrusting your hips... grinding into my face and against my tongue. Your hands clasping my head as your thighs lock around my shoulders...
As your pleasure begins to subside, we quickly arrange ourselves yin and yang to each other.
You greedily swallow my Dick...
Taking it in all the way to the back of your throat.
A gasp escapes my lips, as the pleasure is just sooooo damn good.
Voraciously I return to my task of creating and drinking the overflow of your juices. One hand clasping your booty, while the other follows my moistened finger to assist my tongue in the waltz along your vulva.
Pulling you closer to me, hungrily satisfying my craving as you are predisposed with the same task.
I can feel your mouth drawing me in deeper.
Your head rhythmically moving up and down as your tongue sends tingles throughout my spine.
Greedy...loud...rude slurping sounds fill the small candle lit room, emanating from us both as our pleasure begins to mount.
Further...further... "OH...my....F%#KKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!
Your next explosion tensing your body, your lips pulling my cock deep inside , the suction pulling, drawing , compelling me to spill. As your muscles loosen, Your determination and hunger has peaked as you begin to suck me...faster...harder
with a determined purpose. Your craving is fulfilled as I can hold back no longer. My joy spilling down your throat as your inner muscles make the sensations, that much more pleasurable. The intensity of my orgasm, causing me to bite my lip...
All night. Making love to you.
Falling asleep, just as the sun kisses the darkness goodbye.
Cuddling, your head on my chest, our legs entwined.

Part II
Waking, late afternoon. laughing, talking...
The things that will cement our relationship.
A late breakfast in bed.
Fresh peaches and cream, becoming a new toy as I think
it will taste much better, licked from your breast.
Kissing, making love, napping, repeating...
Until darkness falls upon us.
I shower as you sleep and return to the bed...
Time to wake up Princess...I whisper into your ear.
You roll over..."Another round", you question as you
playfully reach for the towel around my waist?
Regretfully, I find the strength to pull away.
We have to leave, darling... I have a surprise for you.
Your playful pout, turns into a smile as you bounce from the bed.
Heading towards the bathroom...Naked, Your Ass, hypnotizing me, as I watch the poetic movements of your hips and legs, glide you across the floor.
I wait to hear the water to make sure you are all the way in, before I launch my surprise.
After setting the scene...I move to the living room, adjoining our suite...peeking through the cracked door.
As you return to the bedroom, toweling your hair, I dial from my cell phone, as I sneak out of the door and into the hallway.
Puzzled, your gaze follows the sound of the ringing towards the bed, as you call out my name.
Receiving no answer, you pick up the exclusive Anna Sui Cellular, that I bought you, beaded with butterflies and flowers, in purple and black...your favorite colors.The first part of my surprise.
"Where are you", you ask recognizing the number?
"Heading downstairs...In the closet, you will find what i would like you to wear."
"See you in a bit, Call me when you are dressed ", I say hanging up the phone.
Moving to the closet and removing several bags, you lay them out on the mattress.
A Black Roberto Cavalli Dress.
Manolo Blahnik pumps with Diamond accents.
Cosabella lace bra and lowrider thong set.
Jean Paul Gaultier perfume.
Chanel hand bag.
Hmmmm...surprise...Yes, Siz knows how to dress his lady...
Smiling, you set about preparing yourself.
45 minutes later,Hair, make-up and nails completed impeccably, you pick up the phone and dial...
"Now what, mr surprise?"
"That almost sounds like a challenge", I laugh.
"This is beautiful, but where are my bags? All of my accessories are in them."
"In the car with me. I bought you some new things. In the living room on the coffee table..."
I blow you a kiss and hang up.
As you move into the living room, you notice a large piece of paper, propped up on the table.
.... A princess should be draped in Jewels, it says...
Opening the box, you find a set of Chanel diamond earrings,
Camelia custom platinum pave watch set and a Platinum and diamond heart pendant...
I remember thinking how appropriate this was.
My heart on a chain, belonging to you...
Adorning yourself with the accessories, you venture into the hallway and down to the lobby...looking for me.
The concierge approaches...
"Mr. Sizzle is waiting in the vehicle out front ma'am, I was told you would be needing this...", As the concierge, wraps a fur coat around your shoulders.
I could see the trembling of your body from the car.
Not really knowing what to think.
"Um..Thank you..."
"No, Thank you...we hope to see you and Mr. Sizzle again, soon.
Take care." As the concierge walked away, smiling.Watching your reaction and happy to be a part of my surprise.
As you step through the front doors, I emerge from the black 300C limousine and help you down the small flight of stairs and into the warm interior of the vehicle.
"You are full of surprises...This is beautiful...", you say as you kiss me.
"Yes, YOU are", I reply. "But, your outfit is incomplete..."
"Did I forget something", you ask?
"No, darling...I have something else for you..."
Staring into the deep pools, you use to view the world, our lips within inches of each other...
"Only give this back to me...if you have no interest...in being my wife...", I say, placing the platinum 2.2 Karat D Flawless, ideal cut chanel set diamond engagement ring with 5 stone settings on each side of the main stone, into your view.
For a moment, I could swear, you had ceased to breath...
Then suddenly you wrapped your arms around my neck and squeezed with all of your strength...
"Oh my God, I Love you!"
"I'll take that as a, Sure, why not..."
"Of course, I will marry you", as you kissed me again... the limo driver pulling out from the service drive of the resort...
"Darling...Not that it matters at this point, but where are we going?"
"New York...I have found a beautiful Loft there, upper east side, Manhatten, that I would like you to see before I rent it as our second residence and I have to do to pre-promotion for my new
book. There is already 60,000 pre-orders. That's where all of this extra money has come from."
As we drove into the romantic, moonlit night, snuggled in the back of the limousine, you leaned forward to kiss me once more...
My book, an autobiographical short of my rise, fall and rebirth in the entertainment business. Aptly titled (At least I think so)

Part III
Laying closely in my arms,Your head against my chest,
snuggled warmly against each other while the cold January winds bucked against the housing of the limousine.
I thought back to the many, many nights that I longed for your touch. Dreamed of one day finding a love like yours. One that I had given up believing existed. When I discovered you, I had trouble believing that even YOU...in person...were real, but I had to know. I had to discover if the dreams that I had felt in my soul were actually you in living flesh. I remember the days when you were still discovering who you were. The sting of a past relationship still nagging at your brain, still tugging your heart strings. When you stepped away from me, for fear of hurting me. When I pushed too hard, because my desires were inflamed.
I thought of all the other men that were vying for your attention and how you flirted with them all. Content to be in your world, behind your walls...safe. Creating friendships with men, you would never meet in real life. Not having to deal with the reality of trying, building and anticipating failure. Not having to wonder if it would last or not. If "I" were true or not. Then I thanked God...that whatever had happened in your mind to make you finally try had happened. Whatever that made you make that first tentative, nervous phone call...to actually SEE if I was for real.
I remembered everything that I had went through this past year.
My discovery of myself and my opportunity to finally get what "I" wanted, as opposed to falling into relationships. This was my chance for the gold ring. I remembered how nervous and frustrated I felt, when you said..."Let's take it slow". I wanted to please you...I didn't want to make you nervous, but I also felt somewhere in my mind that this was a chance for "LIFE" to disrupt what I wanted so, so badly... for other choices to weave their way into our existence. Maybe the right choice...maybe the wrong one... The possibility... even the slightest possibility of the wrong choice, the devil laughingly throwing yet another curve ball into the mix to keep confusion and heartache whirling around our souls... your soul...was almost too much to bear.
Knowing what I held in my heart for you. Knowing the lengths I would go to for you, Not wanting to force or push, simply wanting something to click in your mind that said... "I want to talk with this man. I want to spend time and to be with this man"
"I want to reach out and touch HIS hand and allow him to pull me gently into his warmth."
As I slowly rubbed my fingers through your hair, feeling the tingles as your hand carressed my side. Your arms wrapped around my waist...I thanked God again. Thanked him...that you had decided to simply "Say Yes", the last time I asked...
All of the plans, ideas...the sharing, the caring, the lovemaking...
All of the nervousness and flirtation throughout blogland...and in the world, the entire journey was made to be worth it...ONLY because of this moment. This reality. Love is where you find it...
and my happiness in finding you, amidst the rubble of broken hearts and dreams, is unparalleled.
I remember this song as I fell asleep dreaming of you...
Hoping you would take that chance...it seemed so appropriate then...
Sometimes when I played it after that it would temporarily quell my longing to be in your arms...sometimes it would lull me into a gentle sleep...


See I've been watching you for a while your smile and stuff
and I don't know if I can be with you for tonight alright,
is that alright baby, baby

[Verse 1:]
There is only one for me
You have made that a possibility
We could take that step to see, ohh
If this is really gonna be
All you gotta do is say yes

All you gotta do is say yes
Don't deny what you feel let me undress you baby
Open up your mind and just rest
I'm about to let you know you make me so
All you gotta do is say yes
Don't deny what you feel let me undress you baby
Open up your mind and just rest
I'm about to let you know you make me so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so,
You make me so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so

[Verse 2:]
Loving you has taken time, taken time
But I always knew you could be mine
I recognize the butterflies inside me
Sense is gonna be made tonight, tonight
All you gotta do is say yes

The conclusion to the fantasy...

yagottalikit 49F
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11/2/2005 2:35 pm

Naked, Your Ass, hypnotizing me, as I watch the poetic movements of your hips and legs, glide you across the floor.

Just one example of the way you visualize someone you don't even know, yet! The way you speak of her and her beauty is worth so much more than the trinkets you adorn her with!

You are Sizzlin' ~ baby!

Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it

bella_ 47F
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11/2/2005 4:10 pm

Wow, familiarity and strangeness all the same, yet the way you put it...it makes sense. You make sense of it all with a few simple words..that is talent, that is heart, that is honesty....

(Princess Lips)

11/3/2005 7:29 am



(Juan S)
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11/4/2005 7:37 am

Thanks Yagotta... I wondered if someone would get the real feeling behind the trinkets..

Bella... simple words, a simple explanation and a really simple situation... YES. It is ALL honest.

Silhouette... Awww.. thank you... <blush>

Lips... That's how I like em' .... LOL!!!

Katey... Yes...To have it all... mmmm... alas, i am dissapointed. Because i do not have it all or even any part of it. I strive to make it real, but all the money and trinkets in the world will mean nothing without the right soul to share it with.

Wetty... I seem to be making a lot of people cry these days...LOL. Don't tell anybody, how much of a big ole Teddy bear I am...

(Juan S)
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11/7/2005 4:45 am

Thanks Reine

rm_summer765 52F
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11/25/2005 10:03 pm

Yea..I'm kinda late comin to this one..sorry..been busy lol What can I say about this? You already know baby. This song by Floetry,I simply love it.Also,Purify Me by India Arie has been on my mind alot.I have it downloaded,listening to it all the time...drivin my daughter crazy he he

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