FANTASIES - Chapter 1  

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6/1/2005 11:53 pm

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FANTASIES - Chapter 1

A beautiful spring night in Southern California. The final fiery fury of the setting sun in my rear view as I head East on the 118 Freeway. Warm enough to be out in my favorite schoolgirl uniform, yet just enough of a chill to cause goose on my bare thigh and add to the mounting excitement. I love to dress up pretty and take a drive in my car, and tonight I've chosen to wear my black thigh high stockings along with my plaid skirt. The cool air on my bare thighs above the stockings tingle with excitement and the hairs stand on end, and I can feel the very beginnings of a wet spot forming on my white cotton panties under my skirt. My painted pink toenails in the thigh high stockings work the cars pedals as I cruise past the 405 and 5 Freeways while Led Zeppelin rocks me into the mood on the stereo. I can feel the coolness of the leather carseat through the cotton of my panties on my ass and I realize all of the excitement has made my nipples hard under the black push up bra, straining against my tight white blouse. Objective achieved, I exit the freeway with intent to return home, the excitement of feeling like such the dirty slut in public has my heart thumping and my blood pumping. Reentering the 118 Freeway, now going West I take a moment to take in the beauty of the now set sun, with the last traces of reds and purples fading into the dusk, I don't even realize that I have been opening and closing my legs on the leather Seat for the last few minutes. Sliding my legs open across the smooth leather, feeling the difference on my body where the seat is touching stockings or panties and where it is in contact with my bare skin. Then closing my legs again to feel the warmth of my skin as thighs meet, the electric sparks I feel inside as my freshly shaven legs in the soft nylon brush together and the growing excitement within my small white panties. Anticipation growing, I ease down on the gas pedal just a tad and pick up the pace while continuing to admire the sky, not stopping after acknowledgement but actually changing routines with my legs as I open and close quickly for a few seconds before squeezing my thighs tightly around the hardness that now fills my panties. Oh shit! Apparently the music has been blasting too loud, I never heard the siren and now I am staring at the flashing red and blue lights in the rear view mirror. Oh, double shit!! I think to myself as I ease the vehicle to the shoulder and reach into the passenger seat to grab my sweat jacket in an attempt to cover the clothing I am wearing. I place the sweat jacket over my legs and lap as I put the car in park, I try to concentrate only on breathing as I fear the anxiety is going to overtake me. A million excuses run through my brain as I watch the officer approach in my side view mirror, and I actually fight back the sting of a momentary tear as I let fear almost overwhelm me. He is at the open window now, I take a deep breath and turn to look at him, hoping the smile on my face explains that I'm just doing my own weird thing and I deserve a break. I know the sweat jacket isn't covering enough as I feel the cool air on my stockinged legs, and the black push up bra stands out through the transparent white blouse I have on, but I am hoping that it will be dark enough that he really doesn't take notice. He advises me that I had exceeded the speed limit and requests to see my license and registration, and as I lean over to the passenger seat to retrieve my wallet I can feel the rush of cool air on my exposed ass. I silently hope it is too dark for him to see, but as I grab my wallet and turn back towards him I realize he is now shining his flashlight into the car, up and down my stocking covered legs, across the plaid skirt around my waist and up to the bra poking out from under my unbuttoned blouse.. Oh, triple shit!!! He wants to know what this is all about. I sit in silence as I weigh my options, but I feel he would sense a lie immediately. I attempt to answer, but words escape me and I just make a sort of gasping groaning sound, addition to my embarrassment. I shut my eyes tightly as I feel the warmth of blood emerging as a blush on the pale white skin of my face. A moment later, as I open my eyes, I see for the first time that my officer appears to be a young, African American male, maybe his late twenties or early thirty's, and that he doesn't have the typical mean cop look on his face. Furthermore, he seems to actually be smiling, easing my anxieties a little, maybe he understands what my original smile was telling him. A moment passes of each other reading each other's eyes in the headlights of the passing vehicles and then he smiles. "It's okay, cute little baby girl" he tells me, "you're not in any sort of trouble...yet." His words are softly spoken, and even the last word doesn't feel like it has a dangerous edge to it. "I will let you go with a warning not to drive too fast, my pretty little lady, but I'd like you to do something for me too." Shit, shit, shit, shit!!!! I've never been with a man before, what is he going to want me to do? Do I say something here? Okay, or no way, maybe that's the trouble I am not in YET. "You're so young and such a pretty schoolgirl" he tells me, "I'd really like to have you come sit with me in my car for a little while so we can be friends." I can't afford a speeding ticket, I don't have the patience to sit through eight hours of driving school, I'm not about to do something stupid like run, ...I surrender to his request and allow him to open my door for me. He takes my hand, and I allow him to help me out of the car, holding the sweat jacket in my other hand, but he assures me that it is warm in his patrol car and that I do not need to bring my jacket. I walk across the hard gravel highway shoulder in my stocking feet, his hand in mine as he leads the way and I feel the eyes of the people in their vehicles upon me as their headlights splash across my exposed body. The officer opens the rear door of his patrol car and tells me not to worry because I am safe with an officer of the law, I slide in across the cold vinyl seat and he quickly slides in next to me. He is still smiling as he shuts the car door, his outstretched right arm slides around my shoulder as he pulls me closer to him, and as his body presses against mine I can feel the hardness of his cock pressing into my thigh through his uniform. His lips move to mine and he kisses me deeply, one arm around my shoulder to hold me close as his other hand finds my stocking covered shaved leg....

rm_jeandan 60M

6/3/2005 2:04 pm

You write well. Thanks for the thrill.
Is there any reason why its all one paragraph ? (It just makes it harder to read)

SixWillieNine 50M
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6/3/2005 4:39 pm

Thank you for your constructive critisism. This is actually my first attempt, and appreciate the feedback.

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