the time trial begins  

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8/21/2005 7:53 am

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the time trial begins

i woke up without him beside me this morning for the first time in practically a month. there was a text message waiting for me talking about having breakfast near st. louis. it's not a real big deal, yet anyway. he's away for some classes in OH. i will see him again on the 1st. so i'm going to try to write a few blog entries, what's new, how things are going here, how i'm feeling.

this weekend has been and continues to be, a very interesting one. i started off friday with getting some big news from a friend, and being asked not to share it with my beloved. the two of them are friends and she wants to tell him herself. a reasonable request, made difficult by the present circumstances. i had to bite my tongue numerous times friday night when S and i were together. he's quite the intuitive sort, and almost said something a little too accurate a few times.
saturday was a fun day. a co-worker and i took a few kids that we work with down to the art museum in Denver. we had a great time wandering the galleries, teaching them the joys and fascinations involved in good artwork. the museum does incredibly creative kids' activities throughout the facility. they brought art right down to the level of young people and made it interactive and interesting. we had a great time. then in the middle of the museum, i get a call from my boss inviting me to a housewarming party. roomie and i went, got to talk to some old friends and get silly. such great timing, when i was seeking distraction from having to go to sleep alone. after a few drinks and staying up late, i passed out asleep quite easily.
today is sunday. i don't know yet how i will fill the day, but likely will be a casual one around the house, doing laundry, hanging out, being a lazy bum. all in all a lovely way to spend a day now and then.
i just got off the phone with S. he's still on the road. it boggles my mind how anyone can handle driving alone for more than one day without being in pain or feeling like going a bit crazy. he does say that his back hurts, and sounds tired. but there's not all that long left to go, so all will be well. the thought of being able to let my fingers roam, finding knots and tensions in his muscles, eliciting groans of pleasure and sighs of enjoyment, is a tantalizing one. i wish i could help, and i suppose will get my chance to make up for it when i see him again.

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