Has the feeling of AFF changed?  

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8/14/2005 4:51 pm

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Has the feeling of AFF changed?

Hello all. This is the male half of the couple posting this and this is the first one I have done so I apologize in advance if this seems like ramblings or confusing.

We recently went to a party and had a great time. We were able to attend early, which can be a rarity for us with our demanding and confusing schedules. We are a new couple, but I have been in AdultFriendFinder for years. As the flirting and joking began, I made a comment that to say the least was rude and insensitive to my better half. (It was along the lines of how aroused the other ladies were making me) She let me know that made her a little uncomfortable to know that. It was not a big deal, but it did make me feel like a heel and got to me looking at the group and caused me to start thinking.

Since my joining AdultFriendFinder, the get-togethers started out small and people got to know each other and people became good friends. People got together to hang out and chat, have a few drinks and just have a good time. These good feelings would spill over into the chat room and the group has just blossomed from there. The meetings had a good feeling to them, like meeting family or long lost friends. You always left them feeling good and waiting in anticipation of the next one.

But as I sat back and watched things after being set in my place, and I thanked my better half for doing it, I noticed something for the first time. The feeling of the group had changed. I noticed a lot of seriously directed flirting and clicking between the small group with the people that they knew. It didn’t have the feeling of a group of friends getting together. It felt like a group of horny individuals seeing who they hook up with. The chat room has even felt like this as well.

Perhaps it is due to the fact I haven’t gone to as many meet and greets as I used to. Or maybe I just never noticed as a single male. But now, it makes me wonder if the moods and the fun of the get togethers has changed like this, or has the group changed with age and changes in our lives? Makes me wonder if others have felt the same?

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