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Siren6669 34F
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5/31/2006 2:39 am

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5/31/2006 7:40 pm

Public Transit...

Whay are people such fuckers? Especially on buses and skytrains (subways).

Tonight after a very long night at work, I finally get on the bus to go home, usually I drive but alas gas prices have finally gotten to high for my budget. Anyway, I'm sitting on the bus, reading my book, looking forward to going home. At the next stop this guy gets on, he's got a slurpee cup with no lid and the bus driver told him that would either have to get off and get a lid or leave it behind.

The guy gets on anyway and sits down, mouthing of the to the bus driver, not to mention he had the ever lovely order of alchol and unwashed. So the bus driver calmly told him he wasn't going anywhere unless the man complied with the rules. The man yelled back he wasn't going to spill it or drink it. The guy just swore at him the he said "Maybe I should assault him, what do you guys think? Do want me to assault him?" To wich I replied "not paticularly" 'cause really it was the first thing in my head so I just said it. Anyway, the driver told him again that he wasn't going to go anywhere at that he was holding everyone up.

When the bus driver said that we werent going anywhere I looked at him and thanked him. Told him that everyone on the bus and waiting for the bus really appreaciated it. He asked me "Really?" Oh yeas I replied. The guy got up and sat down at the seat facing the bus driver next to the door. Again the bus driver told him he had to get off the bus. The guy looked at the driver took a drink from his cup, was quiet for a moment, and then said "No."

At this point I had enough. When I'm on the bus I pretty much like to keep to myself. That's why I miss my cd player. But, this was just stupid. I wanted to get home, everyone else wanted to get where they were going and I'm sure the bus driver wanted to kick this guys ass.

I looked at and said "Sir, why don't you just do want the bus driver asked get a lid or leave it behind." I was pissed. Got up and stood at the door, but he still wouldn't get off. "I have just been at work for ten hours, I want to go home, so why don't you just get off the bus?" He looked at me "I'd like to take you home" now please keep in mind the smell that I described above, and say this not even a blind five dollar crack whore would go home with that man. "In you wildest fantasies" was my reply to him(a cliche I know, but what can I say I like the word).

The guy finally got off the bus and people congratulated the bus driver, and some old british woman said "Well done to me."

But, all I could think... Why was I the only one who said anything? To give you an idea I have offten been compared to Phoebe from friends, take from that what you will. But, i'm not a fighter, I prefer to avoid confrontation whenever possible. And it's not like it was a bus load of women.

The whole point of the shhpeel is this. I know that there are bus drivers out there that are total dicks and probably shouldn't be bus drivers. But please let me assure you that they are the minority. My dad has driven buses for over 30 years. I have known a good number of bus drivers.

So please the next time your on a bus, especially if you are a regular. And some one is just being a dick Back up the driver. I'm not saying put yourself in danger or anything. But, I think that in a situation like the one above if more people had spoken up sooner he would have gotten off sooner and I would have gotten home sooner. And really that's what's most important.

SleekIcilyVarix 41M

5/31/2006 3:36 am

yikes...the jerk with the slurpee sounds like a potential Darwin Award winner. If karma does what it should, that guy will a spill a slurpee on or mouth off at the wrong person, and will consequently be the recipient of a much deserved severe beating around the head and neck area.

Perhaps bus drivers ought to be allowed and trained to carry and use tazers. ZAP! That ought to cut down on some of the crap.

rm_HornyUK79 37M
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5/31/2006 3:52 am

Take your point Siren, and congratulations on having the guts and wherewithal to stand up for yourself, and others, against a real jerk...

I agree that more people should do what you did, but it's a sad indictment of today's society that people look the other way, and avoid potential confrontation.

Here in England, a few days ago, a 19 year-old student was fatally stabbed on a London underground train for doing something not dissimilar to what you describe above. Apparently, he was one for standing up for what he believed in, and for others - and paid with his life...

I agree with what you're saying, people shouldn't look the other way, but it can so easily end in tragedy...

aznPleasure604 37M
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5/31/2006 5:10 pm

Wow, I'm glad it didn't end badly but I totally agree. In a situation like that, I just don't understand why people don't stand up more often. It's one thing if you're alone and there's no one else around, but in something like the bus where there is a majority vs the one of him.

I suppose on the other hand. Sometimes it's hard to tell what type of person they are and they could just flip out just like that and cause some major damage. Majority or not. It kinda sucks when the world we live in comes to this. Not being able to trust a sole...

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