The weekend...  

SinsualIntellect 52M
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4/10/2006 3:36 am
The weekend...

My job isn't unusual, but my schedule can get insane. I work a 36 hour week in three days, 6:30pm-6:30am. The time between shifts gets furious: washing dishes for breakfast, refilling the water jug, trying to get eight hours of sleep, making up feedings, grabbing a quick shower, making sure I have everything I need for work, etc.

If I don't get a good day's sleep, the last half of the shift is spent trying to stay awake. When I got home yesterday, I spent sometime catching up on other forums, dealing with an unusual request from a possible fan on the otherside of the world on another site, etc. When I finally laid down at noon, I dumped out the last of my cigarretes -- still trying to quit --, popped a melatonin and slept four to five hours, got up, relieved myself, went back to sleep until 11pm, laid in bed and drifted back off and woke up at 2am. So I probably slept a total of 10-11 hours my first day of the weekend. Now, I'm full awake, ready to start the day, doing reading and research into some purchases. My car is finally paid off in full so I can afford a new computer (all mine are at least 4 yrs old) and a power rack and bench for home.

It's a brand new day, bigtime!

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