Dreamquest - Something different.  

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3/28/2006 9:46 pm

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Dreamquest - Something different.

Had another dream more pleasant in ways. There is a woman at my company, a very lovely lady. I've been wanting to know intimately, and long term.

In the dream I'm a killer. I might me a hired killer but I'm certainly not the kind that preys on the innocent. I'm not a two-bit armed robber. I was at a party for someone in my family (real family, not mafia), though I didn't recognize everyone, and she was there. I don't know if she was there with me, because of me, but she was there, working the crowd with sophostication, smiling and talking. She is lovely!

Later I walk her home. It snowed and there was some remains on the ground. As we approach the door of her ranch style house, something is wrong. I see footsteps that walk up to the door, but don't walk away. I hold her back and motion for her to be quiet. I push the door and it swings open, so I jump to the side so I'm not exposed and pull my gun. It's a black 9mm, and I'm pointing in the room and yelling, "Come on motherfucker! Come on out! You fucked up today! Come on out and get it! Maybe I'll call the cops and let them take you out!" Then a non-descript dark figure runs out shooting and I'm shooting back. I hit it, several times, it goes down and I walk up and shoot it at point blank and kill him/her.

Still no fear in all this. My biggest fear was whether she, my lady friend, liked me or not. I fear losing or not having friends and lovers more than I fear death I suppose. I know I'll go out of my way for a friend, a true friend and she is worth anything I can give, but awake there is still the guardedness, the fear of being used for something as inconsequential in the end as money.

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