Contention of money...  

SinsualIntellect 52M
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4/4/2006 1:56 am
Contention of money...

I'm a bit torn between two possible choices. I would like to get a new computer, a tower, possibly a Dell XPS, fully loaded, but I'd also like to start putting together a home gym.

Now, my current laptop is holding up ok, through it's slow as a tired old dog, but it can't handle a lot of the new tech coming out. An XPS system would.

I could also try pricing up something I could build from scratch, but if I mail order it, and something fails, I have to pay s&h to send it back. This I've experienced and it's not pleasant. I could order through a local company and pick-up in person, an alternative, but usually more expensive.

I could put a home gym together for about $600-800 (cage w/dip and pull-ups bars, 300lb Olympic weight set, bench w/various degrees of inclination and declination) and never miss another workout, but this would require I get an apartment with a basement, IOW, a townhouse setting. Not terrible, but most townhouses on the east side of Milwaukee, in a nutshell, suck. I don't think I'll be able to get the powerblocks if I did this.

The computer is handy for school, writing, webbing, games, etc, and I can utilize much of the periperals and software I have for the laptop (webcam, laser printer, scanner, digital camera, etc).

A home gym means I would never have to go out in snow, rain and drive to a gym and never, ever have to wait for a piece of equipment to free up. I wouldn't have to listen to the grunters, the whoopers, the dumbbell clangers, etc.

I could try for both. I'll see what I can price up locally for computer equipment and see how that sets me back. I suspect it'll be about $3500, intially, if I go locally, a little at a time on the computer.

I'll see what I can accomplish.

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