Waking up  

Singlechick25 36F
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11/27/2005 7:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Waking up

So I woke up this morning. I'm thinking that is at the very least a start.

Apparently I was laying on my left side the entire time I was sleeping. I suspect this because when I sat up everything in my head had shifted to the left side of my head and stuck there.

I've been walking around since I got up with everything on the left side and nothing but empty space on the right.

On a side note, I usually ONLY have empty space so I suppose this is somewhat of an improvement.

Shaking my head or laying on my right side has failed to put things into balance again. My equilibrium is all shot to hell LMAO!! This is gonna be fun

By the way - thanks for all the well wishes! I've officially decided that this is a head cold. Now I plan on taking advantage of the excuse it gives me to make very little sense.

Tune in next time...for what I don't know. Buh bye now.

rm_Delarosa_84 32M
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11/27/2005 2:28 pm

your left side is messed? when i'm sick its usually my right side... i should get sick and we could get toghether and balance eachother out!

psisurfer 62M

11/29/2005 10:06 pm

Ugh, I share your "fullness"? I woke up the same way 3 weeks ago. Took 10 days 800 mg horse horse pills, lotsa chicken soup and a couple boxes of kleenex. What fun this crap is. And waking up in the morning, trying to roll out of bed, only to feel what seems to be the hand of God slamming you dizzily back against the pillow, as your bed seems to spin...lovely. And worst of all!!! Even trying to look at 'puter screen brings a return to vertigo (not that I'm not often dizzy-headed anyway!
Hope you're better. Obviously your writing doesn't suffer from illness.
Now that would be sick.

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