WARNING: More serious entry  

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11/21/2005 6:06 pm

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WARNING: More serious entry

As the title of my latest blog post states, this is one that is on the more serious side. You may or may not want to read it but little to no hilarity can be found in the following paragraphs.

I'll do hilarious tomorrow.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were my favorite holidays while I was growing up. I never cared so much about getting presents lol, but I couldn’t wait for everyone to open the gifts that I had gotten or made for them. As far back as I can remember I haven’t been able to sleep past 5 am on Christmas morning. My Grandma was the only other person who got as excited as I did. She was always up with me. We had a special system. She would make the coffee so that when I woke my mom up she wouldn’t be TOO mad since there was fresh coffee already made lmao. I was in charge of waking everyone up. Of course I now realize this is because my Grandma didn’t want to be the one to get into trouble lol. As much as we enjoyed our yearly traditions of pissing the family off, Thanksgiving was even better.

I’ve never liked watching the parades on TV. Mostly because I can’t stand those insipid broadcasters. Gross. But she loved it. My Grandma. She raised me. After my parents divorced when I was five my sister and I lived with my Mom but she worked full time and was going to school full time so I didn’t see her too much. By the time Mom was out of school and had more time…well I was pretty much grown and already severely independent.

Anyway, while I don’t enjoy the parades I would watch them with my Grandma. Then we would start cooking. Just the two of us usually. We would spend all day alternating between cooking and cleaning up so as to not have a huge mess at the end of the day. Around the time I turned 14 or 15 and health began to decline I took over the majority of Thanksgiving preparation - and have continued ever since lol! But it was still our holiday.

Unavoidably, after all the food was cooked and we sat down to eat together, two or more of us would get into a fight lmao. What’s a holiday without a good screaming match? Never got too bad tho. In October of 1998 she got very sick and had to have surgery. She had a stroke during the procedure and a perforated bowel from the surgeon. Combined….she was never able to recover and finally died a little over a month later. On November 26, which just happened to be Thanksgiving that year. We weren’t even celebrating because she was in the ICU of a respiratory hospital in Denver. She had told us to stay home of course, but I told her there was no way I wouldn’t be spending the day with her. Which we did. We did leave for about an hour or two to have dinner at Black Eyed Pea lol. She was gone 15 minutes before we got back.

As both the holiday and the anniversary of her death get closer I become more mellow and contemplative. Friday I will be back to normal - whatever that means lmao. It’s funny. I know what the reactions of my family would be if I revealed to them my AdultFriendFinder hobby. In a nutshell…not good. My Grandma on the other hand, lmao, would be wanting me to help her figure out a screen name!

Happy Thanksgiving Grandma! I sure hope you realize that I've inherited your stunning ability to put my foot in my mouth and make an ass out of myself, as well as my gracefulness. Of all the stuff I could have gotten I would have prefered the coffee pot lmao!

rm_Delarosa_84 32M
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11/21/2005 11:51 pm

man, and i thought that your 'not funny' was going to be something dorky.

Thank you for the beutiful rememberance of your grandmother, makes me want to be with mine more than ever.

im_your_man77 39M
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11/22/2005 9:56 am

LOL I thought I was the only one with the eccentric grandmother, thanks for bringing back some memories of my own.

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