Thankfully You Appreciate My Directness  

Singlechick25 36F
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11/25/2005 3:00 pm

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Thankfully You Appreciate My Directness

Let's say for example that you get a hankering for some Cold Stone Ice Cream. You go to the creamery...hehehe I said creamery. Anyway, you go there. You walk in. You look at the menu. You walk up to the counter. You gaze deeply into the salespersons eyes and say "Go ahead. Guess what kind of ice cream I want."

What are the chances that they are going to guess correctly??

No. You go in, you decide what you want, and you TELL them what flavor, what kind of cone, etc. If you don't just come out and say I want Rocky Road in a plain waffle cone you are going to get Brownie surprise in a bowl. And you'll probably be allergic!

Communication is not only important but damned necessary!! Don't mean to yell but why do we all have to be mind readers?? If you want something why not just come out and ask? The worst that could happen is that he or she says no. That is disappointing sure, but not the end of the world (in most cases). I'm personally not big with the subtle approach. I don't take hints very well most of the time. And when I DO take a hint, I'm usually going off in the wrong direction anyway. While this makes for hilarious escapades, it gets old not knowing what the hell is going on lmao.

To anyone that might read this: if you have ever been mad at someone because they SHOULD have known what you wanted or why you were mad, please try and remember that some of us sad little people do not walk around with a dazed and empty look on our faces because we want to. If I could figure out a way to know if someone is saying something but meaning another or if they actually mean what they say - I'd be thrilled beyond measure. But I can't. I believe what you say and do- not what you're conveying with your eyes because I usually misinterpret that.

This is not to say that I need to be treated with kid gloves or taken by the hand, not by any means. It's just a little FYI for the times when I haven't got a clue LMAO.

rm_femtenCM 34M

11/25/2005 3:36 pm

I cant say nuthing else than u're right When it comes 2 soften the blow of braking up etc. u might get missunderstand.

NiCe post

Singlechick25 36F

11/25/2005 4:55 pm

fentebCM...that isn't really where I was going with this, but I do agree that when breaking up with someone you must be direct to leave no room for confusion.

I was more referring to everyday type situations and common misunderstandings in a relationship that is still functioning. I'm frequently confused and sometimes distracted by shiny objects so I try to plead forgiveness prior to my screw ups

Thanks for visiting!

Singlechick25 36F

11/25/2005 7:45 pm

mmmmm consider me properly distracted Will.....

rm_WesternMage 50M
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11/25/2005 9:00 pm

Cold Stones is a very dangerous store (in a good way).

I didn't realise that they had migrated to Colorado, I only found them over here in San Diego

(quietly stepping back into the shadows to ponder on which flavour to get next time I go past the one here at home


rm_Delarosa_84 32M
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11/26/2005 3:16 am

Cold stone might be harder to guess people than at blockbuster, but i can get it right 95% of the time.

and yes, being specific is a good idea, unless you want somone to invent something for you (like my orders at Quizno's... "get me your favorite, regular sized")

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