Sexual Exploits  

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11/7/2005 9:59 am

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Sexual Exploits

About 8 months (give or take) ago I came into contact with man on a "regular" dating site. We began emailing and chatting. Getting to know each other. You know how it is. Wish you were here. Wish I was there. Yada Yada Yada. After about two days it became apparent that we would never be meeting IRL. Due to long distance and no real interest on both our parts.

We still email and/or chat often. Three or four times a week. Just as friendly aquaintances. Hi, how are you, good, wonderful, ok talk you to later, bye. Then out of the blue he sent me an email asking if I still like him.


But ok. I emailed him back, truthfully. I told him that yes, I enjoy our short, non descriptive, leading nowhere, little to no personal information communication. Do I like him? I've never gotten to know him well enough to like him or dislike him. It's kind of like the people you see in the hallway at work. You say hello, ask how they are, but exchange no real information. He's never acted interested in anything more than that. He has neither shared information nor asked for any.

Sidenote: I've been emailing with a wonderful man from this site for less than a month an he knows 99% more about me than this sad dude.

I don't know what changed for him to initiate this line of thought and I was slightly thrown. So we had a "meaningful conversation." About our religious beliefs and a few political stances as well. Hmm. Well, turns out we disagree on all of the things he considers to be relevent. Which is ok with me because, turns out if I know him anymore than I already do I'm not going to like him anymore.

A couple of weeks ago he told me he had gone to hang out at a friends house. Half way joking I asked him if it was a girl. Yes it was and yes he got laid! I'm completely thrilled by this information! If he's gotten involved with someone else he's not still interested in me, right? So I'm happy for him. Now he wants to tell me all the details.

First of all. I'm open minded. I like talking about sex. In general. I am not, however, one of the guys. We are not in a locker room, he does not get to slap my ass. It's weird! I don't care if I'm not interested in him at all, I still don't want to know how this chick sucked him off! LOL, I really don't think it's any of my business and I don't think she would be very thrilled at the notion that he's bragging to someone he used to want to fuck if not date.

Men confuse me.

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