Playing the roles  

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10/24/2005 5:37 pm

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Playing the roles

Hmmm. I don't think that renaming BOB would make him any more appealing. After all a BOB by any other name is still just a BOB. Why can't I be attracted to the guy next door?? Oh yeah. He uses a walker. I know I'm into older men but that might just be going a little to far. Seriously though, if it were that easy, I don't think I'd be here as often as I am lol.

I've been thinking about "the chase" lately. It's been mentioned that the guys who want to chase are only in it for the thrill of the hunt. I've heard that before actually. I went out on a few dates with a guy, we got along great. During one of our "why I'm single" conversations he said nearly the exact same thing. Boy was that guy good. He played me very well, said all the right things and I, naturally, ate it up. Turns out I was part of a catch and release program. Who knew?

Do I want to chase? I'm not a hunter but I'm more than willing to show a man I'm interested, in all kinds of ways.

Do I want to be chased? Not especially. If I'm interested then I don't need to be chased. I'd rather not waste time playing hard to get when there much more interesting things that can be done.

Also, I'm not a mind reader so I pretty much take things at face value. If a man says he's interested, I'll think he's interested. If he says he isn't I move on. I don't feel the need to convince anyone to like me. They either do or they don't. I certainly don't expect anyone to be able to read my mind either - if they could, I'd be in serious trouble half the time! So I'm pretty straight forward.

While I haven't had tons of luck with this, it's who I am. Yes, I could change that. I could play games. Say yes when I mean no and vice versa. Do things to make him jealous. Cling. Push away. NO THANK YOU. Any relationship based on games is probably not going to go well, plus, I'm regressing to 4th grade, it's gross! Not who I am or who I want to be. So I guess I'll just keep being me, whoever that is, and see what happens.

It's funny though. I've had my heart kicked around too many times to count and every single time I come away thinking that I've learned something and somehow the experience will have helped me in some way. Some days I wonder how many diappointments my little heart can take before I become jaded. I've been told that I'm too jaded already. Interestingly enough I happen to consider myself to be a pessimistic optomist.

Well, my post keeps getting rejected. I have read it over and over again. There is no foul language, which BTW I find it interesting that bad words are taboo on a sex site. No solicitation. No personal information, you except the fact that the whole point of the blog is for people to get to know who you are as a person. I just don't know why this post has been deemed unacceptable in the eyes of xmatch. I have changed things and resubmitted it 3 times now. Maybe someone could tell me what is actually wrong with it so I don't have to continue to guess. Hey I have an idea, maybe it's being reviewed by a man and he's trying to have a little fun with my mindreading comments....

rm_MustangD6644 51M
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10/27/2005 2:20 am

Single stop falling for wolves, they will break your heart to the point were when a nice guy comes along you will be bitter and snap at him. Learn to recognise the difference between a wolf and a nice guy.
I have to tell you as a nice guy I hate wolves for making it so much harder for me and other nice guys.

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