Needs and Cravings  

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12/14/2005 6:39 pm

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Needs and Cravings

Sexual Frustration. I think I've mentioned this phenomenon before. Maybe once or twice.

How the hell do you get rid of sexual frustration??? Besides of course the obvious answer of SEX SEX SEX. Not an option at the moment.

Masterbation. Nope. Makes it worse. I think that this is because I crave more than sex. I have this.....deep need for all the wonderful, mmmmm oh so good activities that, hopefully, go along with sex.

Flirting. Hugging. Light touches here and there. His hand holding mine or on my back, hip, leg. Where ever is convenient at the moment. Eye contact. Little smiles holding promise of what's to come. Legs brushing against each other under the dinner table or at the theater. Soft, lingering kisses that could happen at any given moment. On the cheek, lips, neck, hand.....any where that is convenient at that moment. Cuddling. Snuggling. Spooning. LOL I am not a touchy feely person except with my man. And then....I want to touch him. I want him to touch me. This is what I crave with my entire being tonight. And every other night.

So, no. Masterbation is completely useless to me except for a quick physical release. But inevitably disappointment, loneliness, and longing hit me in full force and sometimes they bring a few friends.

Patience is a virtue. In the dictionary Virtue has a few definitions. The one I'm going to take is this: Manly quality. I don't need any or at least many manly qualities, so I guess patience isn't for me. Which is a damn good thing cuz I don't got none!!!! 17 friggin' days.....

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