The meeting  

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5/16/2005 8:53 am

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The meeting

For a first time, it went well.

The night before we had a pleasant conversation which ultimately ended with him reading parts of my blog and getting really worked up. I'll admit, I was getting worked up knowing that he wanted me. We set a meeting place for the following day.

That morning and early afternoon we text messaged one another and talked over the phone a bit. I was really excited, although I couldn't decide if I wanted to dress normally or cross dress. When I asked him this, he simply replied, "Naked!"

I decided to dress normally and left for the meet. However, not 5 minutes from my house I got stuck in the middle of a bicycle race! Here I am, driving to meet someone whom I desperatly want to do me, raging hard-on, and I'm cruising along at 7 mph behind an impossibly thin woman. How frustrating!

I finally got out from behind the cyclers and was on my way to the meet. With the earlier naked statement, I decided to give him what he wanted: me naked.

I found what I thought to be a better spot (by an elementary school), parked, and gave him a call. While I was waiting I stripped my clothes off and gave him directions. He arrived, got out, and climbed into the passenger side of my car.

He swore.
"You said naked, so here I am." I responded.
A smile and a stare is what I got.

After a few minutes of debating about the openess of the spot, we climbed into the back and played with each other for a minute. God, I wanted him inside me. I wanted to ride him, to feel him, it had me so turned on.

When he was good and hard I lubed him and myself up, straddled him, and guided him inside me. I rode him for a little while until my legs were about to give out, then moved in my seat and told him to get behind me. He eagerly agreed.

After he got behind me it didn't take him long to get into it. All I wanted was to feel him cum inside me. A minute or two later and I got my wish. He came with a groan and pushed deep into me. I had waited a long time for this moment, and I enjoyed it completely.

As with all first times, he had been a little nervous. (I had been, too.) To me delight he invited me to his house for an evening with, him, me, and his wife! I immediately agreed and am looking forward to the meet. His wife has never seen him do a guy, but wants to. I want him to cum in me again, over and over and over...

Hopefully we can fulfill both of these.

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