Sure at 22?  

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6/8/2005 6:30 pm

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Sure at 22?

I've recently been bombarded with a group of friends who have made the transition from "single" to "marrried". This has prompted some personal insight and thought, as I am nowhere near ready to be married yet. I mean, I'm still a child and have many things that I need to yet do for me. The following are some outsiders observations on the situations:

1.) Some people are incapable of leaving a "comfortable" situation. These, to me, are short term solutions peppered with long-term problems. I can't possibly think that any of these marriages will last.

2.) Some people get married b/c they have nothing else to do.


I've actually had a friend tell me that he thought it would be fun, but didn't expect it to last. Tell me, where have all the people with common courteousy gone?

3.) Some I think have genuinely found love, in whatever form it has taken. These I think are the truly amazing people. They found what they wanted early and have taken it. My heart and envy goes to these people.

Finally, upon personal inspection, I have discovered that I am not a suitable candidate for marriage at the time. I'm unreliable, I'll cheat on you, (with boys and girls) and I'll encourage you not to get too attached, but to date other guys (and call me to come over if one is going especially well.) I'm an unemployed Master's student who will amount to nothing more than a college professor. I'm a sex addict. I'm a nerd, especially a math nerd and a music nerd. I'll go out in search of couples who want to have sex with me. And to conclude, I'm blunt, honest, selfish, and mysteriously sexy (I mean conceited).

If this sounds like your kind of man, drop a comment with an addy.

wet_luvr_gal 48F

7/12/2005 9:10 pm

Well, I have just now read this and its a July, but still thought i would add my thoughts. I like that ur honest. I like that ur blunt. I like that u admit to not being ready - and ur comment about decent folks - yes, its right on. I have never been married but I think, when the time comes I will enter the union for life -good bad and ugly. Anyone doing it for less, is screwing themselves - and their spouse, and their kids, and their friends, inlaws, etc...

I think u've got it right - except I know some great professors so don't sell the profession or urself short darlin!

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