Mama's boy vs. empty nest  

SingleRebel4U 34M
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3/16/2005 6:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mama's boy vs. empty nest

Well, that major turning point in everyones lives has arrived for me. The decision is unmade and the process has been extremely difficult. When you get down to it:
1.) Part of me does not want to leave the comfort of family and, yes mom. Even though I have lived away from home for four years and gone to college I've only been an hour away.
2.) Part of me is ready to go and start my own life. As has been mentioned in my blog before I have a great girl who fulfills me intellectually and, usually, emotionally, but not sexually. Now, I know this is an urge that, in time, will pass. But for the moment it is very frustrating. So much so that I have taken to other "outlets" to release myself.

The question is, which is the right thing to do? Follow the family to a place that I'd rather not go, even though it is the best solution for my career. (Namely, continuiing on to graduate school.) Or, do I follow my heart and risk everything on a female who I know is a diamond but will delay or even destroy my career dreams while at the same time putting the final nail in the coffin on an already strained relationship between my mother and I?

Some advice would be much appreciated. Objective views often add the best insight.

ReadyToTango46 57M
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3/16/2005 8:45 pm

OMG, I could have written the first half of this exact same post when I was your age. Especially #2. If this girl does not satisfy you emotionally and sexually now, she never will. The urge, in time, will NOT pass. Do not sacrifice anything for her, do not settle for less than you want. Good God you are gonna end up like me if you do that, and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. She is not "the one" for you. The simple fact that, at 22 years of age, you are going to a place like this because your girl friend doesn't meet your needs is such clear proof of this.

You seem to have problems leaving situations that feel secure to you. Drop the girl and finish your education. Living for today may make for a great day, but living for tomorrow will make for a great life.

SingleRebel4U 34M

3/18/2005 3:38 pm

Thank you very much for the comments and opinions. It is easy to talk to family and siblings about such things, but it is often refreshing to hear from people with other perspectives.

ReadytoTango46: It sounds to me as if I could learn some from your story. Would you mind sharing it, either in an email or in this blog? I'm sure there are other kids like me watching, reading, and waiting to learn...

Sheeana: Brilliant point. While I have tried talking to her my attempts have been meek. I had not thought of it from her perspective (as I should have) and you are absolutely correct. However, her background has been more open about sex while mine is quite a bit more censored. Also, it is nice to get some feedback about my stories. There are many more to come, so keep watch.

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