Lana part 1:  

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Lana part 1:

Names have been altered

I have an admission to make: I am a bad guy. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I make good grades, but I am a bad guy. I love to look at women, talk to women, chase women, etc. (I have chased guys before also. This is just as exciting.) My first story actually occured most recently. It is currently still a fling and a fantastic one at that. My so bad...

I'm a music nerd. I play the saxophone for my Universities Wind Ensemble. Every year we go on a recruiting tour to local high schools and play a concert for high-dollar donars in the state's capitol. While on this tour I met Lana, a sexy, tiny Trumpet player. (And a gifted one at that. For those musicians out there, ever seen a little girl hit a double C? I mean the note...) I actually met her while walking through the mall. We were really just goofing off and enjoying our last tour before the real world sets in in June. (By that I mean graduation and jobs. Ick!)

That evening was the high-dollar concert. The dress was concert black (tux's) for guys and gowns for girls. Now, Lana is a tiny girl. Not young, just tiny. Maybe 5'1" and maybe 105 lbs. But all in the right places. Thing of it was I had never noticed until she walked toward me before the concert in a black, slinky dress. She looked HOT. H-O-T hot. The sway in her hips, her hair, and her eyes. Lana has gorgeous eyes.

A quick hug and a "break a leg" was enough to give me a raging hard-on which, in a tux, is rather embarrasing. After all was said and done that evening I switched buses purposely to sit next to Lana. Well, it didn't work out all that well as I ended up across the aisle, but we talked and eventually set a date for the following day.

To shorten things, a lunch and a dinner (which I cooked) later we were sitting on my couch talking about past experiences and relationships, both current and past. (Did I mention I've been dating this wonderful girl?) Lana is, through some miracle, single. After watching her perfect ass all night I was ready to jump on her. She got up to get some water and I commented on her wonderful rump, to which she cooly replied, "That makes two of us."

So, sex is on, yes? A few short steps and we were playing tonsi;-hockey like a pair of hormone-high love-starved teenagers. It wasn't long until we were both naked and making passionate love on my couch. We repeated again in the shower (under the presmises of washing the sweat off from the first time.) and again in my bed.

This chick really surprised me too. All 5'1" of her knows how to work a guy. Riding me hard she would bring me right to the brink only to stop. I guess my look gave it away. She cooly leaned in for a kiss, then "I love it when guys are right on the edge. Are you on edge?" How do you respond to that? "Yes m'am," I croaked. "Good." And it started again. She did this over and over, torturing me until I would obey anything she wished. She would stop and offer me a nipple to suck, all the while cooing how hot she was getting knowing I was about to explode.

Pauly Shore once said that, "You find a girl and if she doesn't like doggy-style, you just have great sex, right buhddy? But you find a girl who likes doggy-style the best, and that's your wife." Pauly, wherever you are, Lana is your chick. She is the first girl I have ever been with who loves the guy behind her. And oh my... with her ass... it gets very hard to last more than a few seconds. "Lana, you have me right on the edge." "Stay there. It turns me on..." Well, that comment won't keep a guy "on the edge" very long at all.

The next day it was back to reality. Back to the wonderful girl I call my girlfriend and back to the same boring sex. I couldn't get the image of Lana out of my mind though. Her C-breasts hanging like enormous globes on her little frame. Her smell, her hair, everything. I also felt a sense of guilt, as I always do, but it passes.

To quote Ron White, "I can be a good dog, but if you don't take me out and pet me occasionally its hard to keep me under the porch!" Touche, Mr. White. Touche...

Lana wasn't through with me yet though. Not by a long shot. While I was enjoying her virtues she was enjoying my larger-than-average Easter Bunny filling her to the brim. What she planned was a series of the best fucks imaginable. My biggest turn-on is a girl that will jump on me. Lana excells at this. Part 2 can be found at
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