Lana Part 3  

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Lana Part 3

The concert was a short gig that payed well. If I haven't mentioned before, I'm a jazz saxophonist. The gig was part of a showcase celebrating black history month. We were supposed to be impersonating the Duke Ellington Big band. Now, as far as I know, (and I could very well be wrong) there was no white saxophone player in the Ellington band. But, whatever...

So, I was "spot". Again. This doesn't bother me at all. Rather, its kind of nice to stand up and start soloing and hear a, "Oh. Boy can play..." type of collective gasp.

I had left Lana to go inside and warm-up briefly. After putting my horn together and playing a bit in the warm-up room I felt a hand snake around my waist and grab my dick. "Sugah, you got me all worked up. Now you gonna play for me, too, lookin' all sexy? What is a girl to do..." I turned around to see her deep brown eyes looking at me.
"Why don't you get that boy's horn and show him how its done?" I asked.
"Nah, they don't want a little white girl playin' Ellington."
"Apparently they want a skinny white kid playin' though. Just for fun, show him how its done."

Remember, Lana is a legacy in the area. The kid was more than happy to let Lana play on his trumpet, and play she did. I think it is so sexy to watch a girl play an instrument, doubly so if she is talented. As I said earlier, ever seen a little girl hit a double C? The note I mean...

It shortly became concert time and Lana left me with a good butt-squeeze and a "good skill." The concert itself was short and sweet with a kid I've known for some time leadning the band and playing the piano. (This kid is freakishly good. He is a pleasure to watch.)

After all was said and done I again felt a hand grab me while I was putting my horn away.
"Hurry. I'm dripping." she informed me. That was all the coaxing I needed. I threw my horn in the case, grabbed my music and her arm and nearly ran out of the building.

We were barely in the car before she had her panties pulled off and was rubbing herself with her skirt around her waist. Before we had even left the parking lot she was writhing and panting. Before we had hit the road to my house she was screaming. Before the car was even fully in park she was out the door and running up the stairs to my apartment. I grabbed the keys, locked the car, and ran after her. I crested the stairs to see her leaning against the wall next to my door with one hand in her top and the other up her skirt. I tried the door but it was locked, which meant the roomate was not around. I unlocked the door, opened it, adn stood back to let her in first when, to my incredulity, I saw that she had stripped her top off and was wiggling out of her skirt. It only took a moment before both items were tossed through the door followed by the now naked Lana.

"Close the door and do the 'fuck your roomate' lock." she ordered. I obeyed. When I turned back around she was face down on my couch fingering herself. "Put on a condom and hurry. I need you inside me!" she nearly screamed. I ripped my clothes off and ran to get a condom, slipped it on, and assumed the position behind her. She grabbed me and guided me to her.It only took a minute for us both to climax. We lay there for a minute, maybe an hour, (who knows)

more to come soon

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