Lana Part 2  

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Lana Part 2

Names have been altered

About a week after our first encounter there was an Honor Band clinic held just north of our University. Being the music nerds that we are, I asked Lana if she wanted to go and listen, to which she readily agreed.

We left the next morning and headed toward the Convention Center and the concerts. An hour later we arrived, got some lunch, and listened to high school honor bands perform. (And perform very well.) Lana is somewhat of a legacy in the local band-directing world, so I found myself with a celebrity. Trying to leave was like a walk down the red carpet with everyone asking Lana how she was, when she was graduating, where she was going to work, etc. Myself, being an unknown in the local music scene, slipped through, or tried to. Lana kept me in tow and introduced me to everyone that approached.

Now, I'm a social person, but I don't do well in crowds. It was all I could do to not go running out of the building, jump into my truck, and get the hell outta Dodge.Instead I stayd, smiled, and chit-chatted.

Nearly an hour later, I finally pulled Lana out of the throng and headed toward the car. She was bubbling on about how wonderful it was to see everyone and how she hoped this and that, blah blah blah.... I was just about to my Chevy when her little frame grabbed me, pushed me against the driver's door, landed a huge kiss on me, and said, "You made me look great." She then walked around and got in the vehicle.

I was kind of pissed off. I got in and was going to tell her so when she reached over and grabbed my dick. "Drive," she ordered, and what position was I in to object? When a girl has you be the tally-whacker, you obey.

So I drove. "Where do you want to go?" I asked. "Home," was the simple response. To the interstate and the hour-and-a-half long drive back to town. Once we were just out of downtown Lana shifted in her seat a little and, to my pleasant surprise, began removing her shirt. It was difficult to concetrate on watching the road with her orbs haning free not three feet from me. She leaned across the seat, kissed my ear, and asked, "Is the cruise control on?" "It is," I answered. "Good." She moved my legs apart with her hand, but warned me to leave one foot on the brake. Again, I obeyed. She undid my belt and began untucking my shirt; with each little bit that came out she would undo the button and kiss my stomach.

Safe driving was becoming difficult. My pants were slowly unbottoned and unzipped, each occurance preceeded by a, "May I?" and a puppy-dog face from Lana. Soon my boxers were invaded and my member was being caressed and kissed. She took me in her mouth and gave one good suck before leaning up to give me a kiss and then returning to her seat. What a tease she is! She leaned against the window and started to play with her breasts, nipples already erect and aroused.

"Do you know what my fantasties are?" she asked me.
"Tell me."
"Would you rather me tell you or show you?"
"Show me."

She leaned over and removed her pants and panties in one smooth motion, tossing them into the backseat with her shirt. She then leaned back, naked, against the window and spread her legs. her hands snaked across her body, the right ending up and her left breast while her left hand began rubbing her bald pussy. My concentration was divided between the road and the sexy, naked girl in my seat. I slowed down a touch, not wanting to get pulled over and also to give myself some more reaction time should anything happen.

A few minutes later another truck pulled alongside of us. "Keep up with them," she ordered. Like a little lost puppy. I obeyed. "Honk," she said. This got the attention of the two gentlemen in the Dodge next to us. I leaned back a bit to allow a better view. Lana played with herself while the two strangers watched, undoubtedly in awe. In short order she was breathing hard and really going.

Suddenly, she stopped. She leaned over the seat and grabbed my rock-hard dick and began sucking me with abandon. The Dodge had rolled down its window and was asking questions, none of which I remember. I do remember how difficult it was to stay on the road with her quickly working me to an orgasm. "I'm gonna cum," I groaned. "

"Good." Well, that sent me over tbe edge. I came hard in her mouth. She sucked every bit off of me, then leaned toward my window and grinned, licked her lips, and told me to slow down. She wrapped herself in my coat and sat back down in her seat. The Dodge stayed with us for a while but eventually tired of waiting and sped off.

"That was incredible!" I told her after I had regained enough control to risk doing two things at once.

"We're just gettin' warmed up, sugah."

Instantly, I was hard again.I reached over, parted the coat, and slipped my hand between her legs. With a pleased sigh she opened her legs a bit. I found that she was dripping wet. With my index and middle finger I parted her lips and began rubbing her with my thumb. After a few minutes of this she pushed my hand away and leaned over to kiss my neck. "You drink a lot of orange juice, don't you?" Shocked, I said, "Yeah, how'd you know?"

"I could taste it." She leaned back in her seat and absently gazed at me while her right hand toyed with her left orb. "You have a concert to play at 6, don't you?"
"Yes, unfortunately." I said with a rueful grin.
"Are you hungry?" she inquired.
"From every bad movie, "Only for you."
A little giggle told me my corny line was appreciated. She returned to playing with herself for a while, then told me to drive to the parking lot behind the museum. Twenty-five minutes later we parked and I turned the car off. It was 5:43 and I had to be across the street at 6. Lana gazed at me for a second, then asked, "What are we waiting for?" I told her to move her seat up while I frantically removed my pants and boxers. She climbed into the back while I moved my chair forward. I had a little trouble getting over the console and ended up falling face-first into the back seat. Lana popped me on the ass and told me to turn over. "Thats my position" she scolded.

I turned over and sat on the seat. Lana was on top of me in a second and guided me to her. She looked me deep in the eyes and steadied herself by placing her palms on the back window. I grabbed her hips and began moving her up and down me, slowly at first but with increasing speed. After a minute or two of fucking without abandon she asked if my seats could lay down. I had no idea, so she got off of me and I leaned forward to play with the seat. I was rewarded with another pop on the ass, this time a hard one, and an "mmmm-mmmm! Look at that fine ass..." The seat, to my surprise, did lay down. She immediately layed on it, face down, and ordered me behind her. I gladly complied. I slid into her smoothly and began rocking back-and-forth on my heels. She rached back to pull me toward her which required me to slide out and adjust myself. I layed on top of her and slid back in and was greeted by a loud moan. "Just like that!" she nearly screamed. I obliged and began thrusting harder and deeper, each time getting rewarded with a moan. Within a minute she cried out and began orgasming hard. This all but pushed me over the edge as I continued to pound her. As she started to come down from her high, she said, "I want you to come before you have to go play."

That did it. I felt the pressure build at the base of my shaft and begin working its way toward the tip. Two or three more thrusts were all I needed. I pulled out and came on her back for nearly a minute. I collapsed in thee seat and lie there for a bit before she climbed on top of me.
"Got any tissues?" she asked.
"Yeah, below the seat." She cleaned us both up and lay back on top of me, nibbling on my ear.
"I didn't think you were ever going to stop cumming. You aren't blind, are you?"
"Not yet," I replied. We stayed there for another minute before she got up and started searching for my clothes. She handed them to me and scolded me for cutting it so close to concert time. I got dressed and drove to the Performing Arts center while she dressed.
"Care to see one more concert today?" I asked her.
"I think I might," she replied. "And my car is at your place."
I blinked. "Oh yeah. I forgot." I started to apologize but she cut me off with a kiss and ordered me to go warm-up.
"See you after the concert, sugah."

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