Lana's Saga: Family Reunion  

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Lana's Saga: Family Reunion

Names and locations have been altered

Lana and I were lazing around, attempting to watch "About a Boy," generally just enjoying the evening. I was, as was the custom with Lana around, naked. She was wearing a black garter belt with matching bra and no panties.

Actually, lazing around is not the right word. Lana was tied to my chase, face down with her chin over the back, and was spread eagle. I had turned the chair around so she could watch the show but had occasionally stepped in front or behind her to heighten the action a bit. A fun-filled evening had left us both exhausted.

As I was untying her, she informed me that she had an awkward question. Coming from Lana, this was quite a statement.
"My parents want to have you over for dinner." she told me.
"Well thats no big deal. When and where?" I asked.
"My house this Thursday. And it is a big deal because my parents aren't exactly a normal parental unit."
"Honey, nobody's are." I soothed.
"You don't understand..." she started, but a kiss cut her off.
"It'll be fine. Now run along and grab a shower. I'll join you in a minute?" She shot me a wicked look but padded toward the bathroom.

The week flew by and, before I knew it, Thursday had arrived. I made a point of looking great for the ensuing dinner. A suit was over the top, but a pair of well-cut jeans, a button down white shirt, and a grey sport coat completed a "casually hip" look. (As I like to call it.)

The drive to her house was shorter than it should have been, and I soon found myself ringing the doorbell of a country house on a desolate dirt road. The lights were on and a television sounded, adding a small amount of comfort.

Amid my musings the door was yanked open to reveal a gorgeous, blond-haired woman with a thick southern accent.
"Oh, honey, you are immaculate! (pronounced e-ma-cu-lit) Come in and let me take that coat."
Lana was just coming down the stairs in all her glory. A simple red evening gown with no shoes complimented her auburn hair which had taken quite a bit of abuse to get into its current form. She was drop dead gorgeous. Nervousness began to give way to an instant hard-on.

"I'm Carol, Lana's mother." the blonde informed me. "She's told us quite a bit about you! Let me get that coat of yours."
Without any room for protest she went around me and tugged my coat off my shoulders. On the way down it slipped from her right hand. She went to catch it but grabbed my butt instead! However, the momentary grab turned into a full-on squeeze, and then she caught the coat. I turned around in order to offer a slight protest only to catch a wink from mother to daughter. Before I could say anything Carol was gone to the kitchen. Lana motioned for me to follower her upstairs.

After the short climb, I told Lana about her mother groping me. A simple eye-roll was her response, followed by a passionate kiss and a grope. I was already hard, but now I was straining against my jeans.

After she pulled away she told me her dad would be a little late. She mumbled an excuse while guiding me downstairs to the kitchen. Upon entering I saw a table, seated for two, with all the convenieces of a 5-star restaurant. Puzzled, I simply followed Lana toward the table and sat at the seat with my name on it. (It was on a little card)

Bewildered, I waited and made small-talk. Shortly, Carol entered the room dressed in something akin to a maids outfit, although the skirt was very short and the top showed her ample cleavage. (How did I miss this?) She took drink orderes and left. A questioning glance to Lana earned me a sigh and a "I told you they were different."

Carol returned with drinks and presented me with a gin and tonic instead of my requested water. She then informed us of what was for dinner and left. She turned to leave but knocked my napkin off the table. She bent over to retrieve it, giving me an opportune view of her panty-less behind?!

Completely befuddled but extremely horny, I watched her bum wiggle out of the room. And what a gorgeous bum it was! She must watch what she eats and work out regularly to keep in that kind of shape...

The meal arrived and went, as did desert, without further incident. It was all delicious. (How did these two women stay so thin with food like this?!) Lana got up to get my plate and take it to the kitchen. I sat back contentedly for a moment but realized that our glasses and salad bowls were still on the table. Not wanting to appear ungrateful and wanting to be helpful I grabbed the bowls and glasses and headed in the same direction. A swinging door separated the two rooms. I backed through it and turned around... find mother an daughter against the wall kissing while the daughter felt one of her mothers breasts...

Unsure of what to do, I slowly backed out of the room and went back to the table. I sat the bowls down and leaned on the edge, turned on and slightly aghast at what I had just seen. In moments Lana came through the door, grabbed me, and forced me up against the wall where she proceeded to kiss me hard and stroke me.

"My mother has a favor to ask of you, honey." she cooed.
Still unsure of what to make of it all, I stammered something incoherent. She kissed me again, then asked me if I would consider the favor.
"Yes," I mumbled.
"Mom?" Lana called.

Carol walked through the swinging door with an apron around her and nothing else.

My jaw probably hit the floor. If it did, neither woman said anything. Carol simply undid the apron, let it slide off of her, and said, "Lay me on the table and pleasure me just like you pleasure my daughter."

I stood silent and still, not sure what to do.

"She says you are the best she's ever had." Carol continued. "I want to feel you. I want to experience the best. Take me, take me now!"

Indecisive, I stood there. What is a guy to do when presented to two beautiful women, even if they are related?

conclusion coming soon

cochise226922 46M

5/1/2005 5:33 pm

Damn dude...I saw your next post asking if this is going too far. I am not sure, but it's damn exciting to me - is that wrong? So what happened?

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