Lana's Saga: An Exhibition Part 2  

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Lana's Saga: An Exhibition Part 2

I walked toward the rehearsal hall wondering what was in store for me. I was sweating through the wool pants of my tux and was afraid it would show. Commando is usually not a big deal, but in a tux? It felt odd...

I went backstage and unpacked my sax. I strode to the stage to set my horn down and look for Lana. I actually heard her before I saw her and followed the distinct trumpet sound. She was in a stairwell warming-up with a series of lip-slurs. I leaned against the door and listened for a minute before she became aware that I was there.

"Close the door." she said. I closed it and turned around to find her at the top of the stairs and striding toward me. She had on a long black dress with small heels. Nothing fancy, but very sexy. It especially accentuated her grapefruit-sized breasts.

Without preamble she grabbed my pants and jerked me toward the stairs. Once we were at the bottom she turned me around and yanked off my belt. The button and zipper were undone, and just that quickly my pants were on the floor.

Grab my ass." she said as she pulled her dress up over her hips. I did as I was told and she jumped into my arms. A little wiggling and I felt her bare crotch against my hardness. She was dripping! A little more effort and I slid into her. She kissed me passionately and rocked back and forth slightly by resting her feet against the wall.

"This is a tease. In the case of a real emergency instructions on how to push me to the edge would followed."

I laughed. She smiled and rocked a bit more, then pushed against me. "Let me down, we need to get to rehearsal."

"Uh-uh." I said. After all this time, I had learned a little about how Lana worked too. I moved my left hand directly under her while putting my right in the small of her back. I gently pushed her toward me a little bit, causing her to arch her back. This does two things: Puts the breasts in easy reach of the mouth and forces her clitoris to rub against your shaft.

I began to pump her a little harder. She continued to protest, but only mildly. Working her like this was getting her into it. I used my teeth to pull out her left breast and began sucking and biting it. Just as she was about to really get going, I stopped, lifted her off of me, and set her down.

"This was a tease, in case of a real..."
I didn't get to finish. She kissed me hard, then gave me a playful slap.
"You're so bad!" she informed me. We readjusted our clothing and picked up her horn and music. Just before we were about to leave the stairwell she told me to watch her at the beginning of the Vivaldi and to follower her.

"Follow you where?" I asked.
"You'll know." And with that, she was gone.

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