Lana's Saga: A Family Reunion part 2  

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Lana's Saga: A Family Reunion part 2

Names have been altered

Lana stood in her red gown, looking incredible. (as always) Next to her stood her mother. Naked.

Not five minutes before I had walked in on mother and daughter making out while daughter felt up mother. Now, Lana had warned me that her parents were not normal, but she had neglected to mention that they were incestuous!

This gorgeous woman, mother to a girl I had incredible sex with, who had made me a fantastic dinner, who now stood naked in front of me, wanted me to take her. And I could do nothing except stand there, no doubt looking a fool.

I couldn't move because the mother wanted it like I gave it to her daughter.

Something in the back of my head had triggered at that phrase, something demonic. This wasn't right. Families didn't do this, did they? Granted few mothers had the looks of Lana's, but still... And what would her father say? He was going to arrive home any minute! He would tear me apa...

"Take it off and quit standing there." My musings were interrupted by Lana fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. Her mother stood not too far away, trying to look suave but obviously anxious.

"I'll do it." I told Lana as I pushed her hand away. She retreated to where her mother sat. I looked down to unbotton my shirt and, upon removing it, received a "mmmm" I looked up to find Lana suckling one of her mothers breasts with her hand between her moms legs.

"AH! Please, OH! Hurry! MMMM! I want you in me!" the mom pleaded.

Obeying, I kicked off my shoes and thrwe my pants off, literally. I stepped toward the pair intending to ask where a condom was but got grabbed by the dick and pulled toward them. Lana leaned in for a passionate, deep kiss. She broke it, looked me in the eye with one of those puppy dog faces, and said "Thank you."

For what was I being thanked? Not freaking out? For going through with it? It didn't matter. Her mother reached around me, grabbed my butt in ernest, and pulled me toward her.

I went right in. No aiming necesary. She was already so wet that I didn't stop until my hilt met her labia. I was surprised. She screamed.

"Oh! Yes! Yes! Oh, that feels so good!"

She was sitting on the edge of the table with her legs wide and me between them. I began working myself in and out of her, starting slowly.

"Oh, I want it hard! Pound me!" she cried.

As if to solidify the point, she leaned back and layed on the table while wrapping her legs around me. "Pound me!" she begged.

I began stroking her in ernest, moving harder and faster with each stroke. As was my custom I began to slow down as I moved to my orgasm so I could last longer.

This was not what she wanted. "Don't stop! Don't stop! You can cum in me, its safe!" she screamed.

This was all the encouragement I needed. I pushed into her as hard as I could, holding her by the abdomen and pulling her toward me as I thrusted. Each time our hips met she let out a muffled cry. It did not take much of this before I was on the very brink of a huge orgasm. I began to groan as it started, my body shaking uncontrollably as I unleashed my load deep inside her. As I began to come down from my high I realized that she was screaming abd bucking against me, deep in her own orgasm. A sense of satisfaction washed over me knowing that someone had received an immense amount of pleasure.

The full force of the orgasm came crahing down on me out of nowhere. It took all the strength I had to remain upright. Lana leaned over and kissed her mother passionately, then kissed me. I backed away to let the mother sit while Lana continued to rub both of us.

Instead of sitting the mother stood, advanced on me, and kissed me deeply. The kiss lengthened and we ended up making out on the floor. Somehwere during this process my erection had returned and a hand had found it. The mother broke the kiss, sat back, and sighed. She then got up off of me. I started to get up when a hand pushed me back down. "Not so fast, cowboy." Lana said. Naked, she straddled me, leaned in for a kiss, and pushed my new erection into her.

A sadistic thrill went through me. I had done mother and daughter in the same setting.

Lana and I always had good rhythm, and tonight was no exception. We were really getting into it when the unthinkable happened.

A door closed.

Before Lana could get off of me, a deep male voice said, "Whats going on?"

Lana's father stood in the kitchen doorway, watching her naked daughter ride her naked boyfriend as his naked wife looked on.

to be continued...

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great story. would like to hear more about what father did.

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