Karen: The Exhibitionist  

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7/21/2005 7:23 pm

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Karen: The Exhibitionist

Names have been altered

Karen is quite possibly the single most beautiful female I've ever layed eyes on. Her face is naturally gorgeous, she has an hourglass figure, her breasts are firm, her butt is tight...

She's a hottie.

Karen and I have known each other going on a decade now. We both grew up in Memphis, we both were musicians, and we both have an insatiable sexual appetite.

We're also both exhibitionists.

Upon finally getting settled in Kansas I invited Karen to visit for a weekend. Having a lot of family in the area, I had planned some trips for us to visit relatives of mine in various parts of Northeastern Kansas. Karen was not initially happy about this. In fact, her arrival at the airport was marked with a brief, passionate kiss and a cold shoulder to the baggage claim. KCI did a unusually placid job of returning luggage to its passengers, and in no time at all we were headed west toward Manhattan.

The drive over was easy enough and Karen was greeted warmly by my family. Having travelled all day long, I had planned to let Karen rest Thursday night so she would be prepared for the family Friday and Saturday. However, Karen wanted to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Now, this was not high on my list of priorities, but agreed in order to not upset her further. We ate a light dinner and changed before heading out to the show.

Give her mood earlier in the day, I was surprised to see Karen curl up in her seat with a cat-like grace as we pulled away from the house. She reached a hand across the seat and began stroking my thigh. By the time we made the exit to the sub-division, she had her hand up my shorts and was playing with my rapidly-hardening cock.

The first red-light we came to, she uncurled and leaned over the gear shift. She unzipped my shorts and took me in her mouth, sucking me for the duration of the light. Reluctantly, she sat back when the light changed. However, she undid her own shorts and slid a hand in them. Shortly she was breathing hard and moaning softly. When we reached another red light, she again leaned over and took me in her mouth. By the time we reached the movie theatre's parking lot we were both extremely horny. I made to leave my car after parking as close to the front as I could only to get yanked back by Karen, who leaned over and kissed me hard on the mouth. Before either of us knew it we were lying in the back seat half naked. She had pulled my shorts off and had her own shorts almost off before I realized where we were. Not wanting to ruin the moment and not really caring if anyone saw, I layed back along the seat and pulled her toward me. Pulling her panties aside I guided her wetness toward me and felt myself slip into her warmth. We started slowly, trying to keep some semblance of restraint but soon were bukcing hard against one another.

Suddenly, Karen stopped. She smiled at me, kissed me hard, the got off and began putting her shorts back on. Frustrated, I sat up and tried to tackle her. She pushed me away and shot me an amused look before opening the door, grabbing her purse, and heading toward the theatre. Scrambling to catch up, I ran toward the door in time to see her reach the front of the ticket line. Sprinting, I made it in time to change the order from 1 to 2 tickets and pushed her cash away to replace it with my own.

The following mock-argument lasted until we reached our seats in the back of the theatre. The usual "I have a steady job, you don't!" was all I heard from her. Throughout our brief wait she kept brushing her hand against my still hard penis and rubbing her breasts and whimpering.

I had the impression I wasn't going to be seeing much of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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7/21/2005 9:54 pm


rm_mikey7666 48M
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11/18/2005 10:45 am

hey man, that is one fucking hot story. how did it turn out? more fucking in the theatre? i had a similiar experience about two years ago--the chick was so fucking hot and really a tease. mike

rm_evil_sister 30F
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8/29/2007 9:20 pm

LOLZ! yeah its a very hot story! very unusual to fight about jobs while still in the process of steaming horniness! I don't like Charlie and the Chocolate either!

SingleRebel4U 34M

8/30/2007 10:41 pm

That night was over 3 years ago now. I don't honestly remember how it turned out... I think an extremely obese woman insisted on sitting near us, even though we moved twice, and nothing further came of it. Almost like she was lonely and angry, and intent on making sure our evening was just as bad as hers.

I don't win many arguments to begin with, so a huge hardon means I have a guaranteed loss

rm_evil_sister 30F
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8/31/2007 5:28 pm

so she's really into ruining ur day then. a relief, 'coz she's out of ur life now, if I where her i treat u nice and will have a good time and i don't nag

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