Karen: A beginning part 2  

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Karen: A beginning part 2

The loud, resounding "crack!" brought us back to reality. We both tried to suppress a smile, but ended up laughing so hard we cried. We ended up just inside her apartment, me leaning against her door and she against a nearby wall. As the laughing subsided I remembered what had gotten us to this point: the movie kiss. I moved without preamble, scooped her up, and kissed her hard and deep. The shock lasted only a moment before she pressed back against me. A minute of this and clothes were flying any and every direction. I started backing toward her fouton, saying. "I'm clean, are you?" "Yes, and on the pill." was my reply. With that I fell backwards onto her couch. She, quite literally, jumped on top of me. A little wiggle of her hips was enough to tease me to a full erection. She reached between us, grasped me, rubbed my head against her wetness, then slid me into her. I gave an involuntarily thrust which buried me deep within her.

"Oh my GOD!" she screamed. I was afraid I had hurt her.
"What, what!?" I asked
"You're so HUGE!" she screamed again, pushing against me and grinding.

Now, this may honestly be the very best thing any girl could ever say to any guy on their first love-making encounter. Looking into her face, eyes screwed up in pleasure, her body pushing against me, and feeling the raw desire between the two of us pushed me over the limit. This was the fastest I had ever reached orgasm in my life. I was afraid of ending our session too fast, but it was too late to turn back.

I screamed and pushed against her. I felt tension and emotion drain out of me with every spasm. I hit an ograsmic level as of yet unknown to me. As I returned to Earth, my own peak subsiding, I realized that she had her head thrown back, screaming, and her spasming body was bucking hard against me. I grabbed her ass and pulled her toward me, trying to bury myself as deeply as I could.

This, apparently, was the correct thing to do. Her own orgasm renewed and hit a new level. She stopped screaming but instead gazed into me with a glazed look, mouth agape, breath halted. Her body spasmed hard and long. Finally, she fell against me, out of breath and energy.

We layed like that for a long time, completely drained of everything. Labored breaths, the drip of a faucet, and drops of our combined juices running down my shaft were the only things that were.

After an indeterminate amount of time, I slipped out of her with a small "pop!" We both attempted to grin, but neither came off very well. We continued to lay and bask in what was, I would later find out, the best orgasm for us both.

A night of sweet nothings and love-making followed. Whatever Karen is to be, it had begun.

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