Karen's Saga: A Beginning  

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6/2/2005 12:38 pm

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Karen's Saga: A Beginning

Names have been altered

Karen is hot.

Shes the kind of hot that guys do a double take when passing on the street. I mean, the first glance just isn't enough.

She and I met long ago in junior high. We were both up-and-coming musicians and our paths crossed often. However, we were just so different that nothing more than an acquaintance came of it.

Skip ahead nine years. She was in town for a baseball game, which I just happened to be at. Again, our paths crossed and we enjoyed the rest of the game. A few more trips to Oxford for her and a semi-relationship had evolved.

Out of the blue, I got a phone call from Karen one day. She told me that she had two tickets to the SEC tournament in Birmingham and wanted me to accompany her. Well, free baseball, an extremely hot girl, and a free place to stay was all the convincing I needed.

It turned out that our two teams played each other in the first round, which meant cheering against one another and a good amount of heckling. This was actually rather fun and gave us both an excuse to take shots at one another.

Throughout the game, many guys nearby would do the double-take and then try to start a conversation with her. Repeatedly she shrugged them off, to the point where I wondered if there was something she wasn't telling me.

The game ended and we headed out to her car, hecling each other relentlessly. Calls to our respective parents only escalated the situation, so by the time we were off the phone we were almost back to her place. A blissful couple minutes of silence and "The whisper song" reminded me that I had a question to ask.

"You know, you were kinda mean to those guys back there." I said.
"Who?" she innocently replied as we coasted through a stop sign.
"Y'know, the ones at the park. The ones trying to hit on you." I involuntarily braked as we went around a corner.
"Oh. They weren't being tactful at all. Besides, I'm not looking for a guy." she stated, accelerating out of the already too fast turn.
"So, a girl then?" I was a little disappointed, but more afraid. Finally, she started breaking toward her apartment complex.
"No, silly. I'm just not looking for a boy at the moment." Karen restated, speed bumps giving her voice a funny lilt.
"Oh. Gotcha." I said, hope returning. I opened my door, the the rear one to retrieve our newfound cups, my hat, and her purse. I backed out of the door to hand her purse to her, but she had kind of boxed me between the car, the door, and herself.

"I'm looking for a smart, sexy, funny, compassionate, and understanding man. He should be about your height, your build, and should share many of my interests.How's that?"
Taken slightly aback, "That works." I stammered.
Karen is short, maybe 5 feet tall, whereas I stand nearly 6 feet. Slightly bent over from my position, she looked me in the eye and stood on her tip-toes. I leaned in to return the gesture and was rewarded with a deep, passionate kiss, the kind of kiss where fireworks go off behind your eyes, your heart leaps into your throat, and your ankle pops, just like in the movies. She leaned into me a little harder...

... and her ankle popped.

More to come very soon.

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6/3/2005 6:56 am

You always leave your stories at a cliff hanger don't ya!...lol...hurry up with part 2..i wait with baited breath

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