Cross-dresing for a Fantasy  

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4/12/2005 7:32 pm

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Cross-dresing for a Fantasy

After the episode with Sirus I was energized and looking to explore myself further. It occured to me that I really wanted to help people fulfill fantasies, especially sexual ones. (because it felt so good to do so!) So, through the wonders of AF i began searching for local couples so I could help them with fantasies and further explore my bisexuality.

I found a perfect match in a nearby town. After some initial talks and a "get-to-know-you" dinner we set a meeting and a fantasy.

The day of I drove the 40 minutes to their town and met up with the wife while she shopped a bit. While we were out she kept grabbing my dick, making sure I was constantly hard. I responded by occasionally putting my hand in her shirt and, once we got comfortable with one another, kissing her. (I have to admit, it felt a little weird to kiss a married woman in public, but it was also exciting.)

She bought me a quick bite of dinner before she ran off to meet her husband at home for their dinner. I was left to wander around a catch a movie before heading for the meeting.

I drove to their house, but passed it. I went a block over and parked, then got into the backseat of my truck. I opened the bags the wife had bought earlier to see what I was to wear tonight.

Interesting. A tight blue top with no sleeves and a turtle neck. A pink, layered micro-skirt. An o-ring thong. A white pair of thigh-high stockings. Heels.

I pulled off my t-shirt and donned the very tight blue shirt. My shorts were replaced by the thong, stockings. The skirt, which barely covered my ass, came next, followed by the heels.

It was time.

I felt so vulnerable. I had to walk one block up and then one block over to get to the house. I was nervous. What if a car came along and saw me? With short hair (but no beard) I didn't look much like a girl, especially with my flat chest. The stockings hid what little leg hair I have, but still... and my ass was hanging out of this skirt! My bare ass with a thong! It felt so good though, nestled there...

As was part of the fantasy, I opened the door and got out, then dropped my keys. I bent over, ass toward the house, to pick them up. I did this slowly. I then locked my car and, unsteadily, walked slowly to the house.

I got the hang of the heels in a couple steps and felt a little more comfortable. But then my worst fear happened: a car came around the corner while I was right in the middle of the street. I tried to hurry a bit so as not to get hit but still got caught square in the headlights. I wonder what the driver thought....

I reached the house and rang the bell. The wife answered with a whistle and a kiss. The husband then came for a look and a kiss of his own. I decided then that I was not a big fan of male/male kissing.

Once inside we sat to have a drink. I attempted to cross my legs but the skirt was so small my ass constantly hung out. I was trying to get comfortable when the husband got up and said, "I can't handle with anymore. You just look too hot. I have to have you!"

"Where do you want me?" I replied.

He told me to lean over the couch, which I did. He then slid the thong down my legs and the skirt up my back. A little lubricant and he was eagerly pressing against...

The butt plug I had insterted as a treat of my own. He gasped when he saw it and, if possible, got even harder. I reached back to remove the toy, but played with it a bit to make sure I was good and lubed up. In an instant he was inside of me and reaming in and out like a teeneager.

The wife had stripped herself and sat down on the couch in front of me. We proceeded to make out while her husband screwed me senseless. Eventually she could no longer stand it either and placed a pillow under my head. She then scooted her ass onto it and offered me her pussy. Eagerly I began licking and sucking her while her husband continued toward his own orgasm.

"Oh man, this is too hot. I can't take much more," he said a few seconds later. His wife was beginning to scream and wiggle underneath my tongue. Without warning, I felt the husband tense and the first hot jets of cum covered the inside of my anus.

I love the feeling of a man cumming inside me. It turns me on at so many different levels. His orgasm subsided and he collapsed into a nearby chair. The wife pulled me down and jumped on top of me in a heartbeat. Soon she was riding the other side of me with abandon. Her orgasm came quickly. She rocked and screamed and collapsed as well.

Well, these two now had one very horny young bisexual on their hands. My dick had grown to its full length and jutted out beneath the skirt when I stood up. To my astonishment, the husband got to his knees and took me in his mouth before I could so much as move! He began sucking me like an expert, to my slight amazement. In only a few seconds the wife joined him and they began sucking me in tandum. This was just too much for my already-teased prick. I came, hard, in only a few minutes. They fought each other for my cum and fell on the floor, making out with my cum between them.

It was about then I fell asleep and my initial 3-some encounter was over. The night itself was still very young....

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