Big girls need love, too. Part 2  

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3/30/2005 7:39 am

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Big girls need love, too. Part 2

"Well, I'm a skinny guy, so that works out." I stammered. My mind was reeling to catch up with where this had gone. A pleasant day had suddenly turned into a sex confessional between two long-time friends.

Within seconds, it seemed, we were back to my truck. I clicked the "unlock" button on my keychain as my mind went over the events one more time: Nina had just confessed she wanted me and I had confessed that I was bi. What was going on here?

Once back in the car I realized that the decision had to be made now. I desperately wanted her, but was this really happening. We passed the short drive back to her dorm by singing Kelly Clarkson's "Since you Been Gone." (The gay side of me coming out.)

Then we were back. "I dn't have to be at work yet for a bit, you mind if I come in?"
"Sure!" Her face lit up, and I knew this charade was over. The prim and proper me had won out for three years, it was now time for the down and dirty side to shine.

Nina lives in a single room on the ground floor of an ancient dormitory. It is right in the center of campus and she has a spacious corner room. How she pulled that one off, I have no idea. Once inside the blinds were quickly closed and contacts were taken out. An awkward moment passed before my mind said, "Why are you standing here?"

I leaned in and kissed her, hard. She immediately pushed back. Not even twentty seconds of makihng out and our clothes began flying off. As i tugged off Nina's bra I literally gasped as I beheld her enormous globes, quite possibly the largest ones I had ever seen in my life. How had I failed to notice these before?

She giggled. "You like those, huh?" She began playing and teaking them as she danced around. I was impressed with her agility. Apparently there were many things about Nina I had missed. She soon had caused a tent in my shorts, which she was quick to notice.

A few elegant steps, a quick turn of the hand, and a yank and my shorts were gone.Now it was her turn to gasp.

"It must be true... skinny guys do have bigger cocks." she cooed, obviously excited.

It wasn't long before we were making out on her bed, groping each other with abandon. With Nina below me and my horniness peaking I reached down to rub the head of my dick against her labia. I was rewared with a soft moan and the pleasant, warm, slick feeling of female juices. I continued to rub her up and down, exciting both of us. I wanted to tease us, to make it last as long as...

I slipped in, totally on accident. It caught us both off-guard. I actually almost came just from the feeling. Nina gasped in delight, then reached up and pulled me to her while wrapping her legs around me. She then pulled me into her as far as I would go.

"Its so huge! Oh my god, it fills me up!"

What followed was an hour of incredible sex in any and every position. We both had multiple orgasms along the way. The most astounding thing though, was the conversation we had during. It was stimulating, it was erotic, and it was deep! This was an experience I had never had before.

After we had collapsed, incapable of movement, we shared how wonderful the experience had been and agreed to keep up our new "friendship."

So, to all the skeptical guys out there, give a big girl a chance. How does the saying go? "Fat and happy or skinny and depressed?"

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