Feeling Naughty and Sexxxxxy  

SingleKisses 48F
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6/10/2005 9:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Feeling Naughty and Sexxxxxy

Feeling sexy and naughty...

Love to take a man and shove him back on the bed.
Undress him and handcuff him to the headboard.

Do a little strip tease to the song called
"Dont Tread On Me" by Damn Yankees

I can get into this, kicking my heels off, turn
and do little dance for him, unbuttoning my blouse and do some more dancing.

Unbuttoning my blue jean shorts, and weasling my
way out of them leaving my panties, stockings,
and breasts exposed still wearing my blouse.

I let my long hair down and shake it loose and
remove my stockings one by one while he lays there watching...drooling. I drape my stockings over his face.

I dance around and shake my ass out of my silk panties and whip them across the room. I take off my blouse exposing my entire body.

He licks his lips as I come closer. I whisper in his ears, "I'm Going To Tread On You" He squirms and I take a hold of his cock with my hand and begin to run my wet warm tongue up and down, feeling every rib in his cock. He breathes deep
as he begins to harden. I suck and lick the tip.

Licking off the pre cum...very wet and tasty. My tongue explores every inch for minutes. There are times, I fondle his cock using
my fingers, pulling and tugging. Making him very horny.

He tells me he wants to play too and to uncuff him. But Im feeling naughty and Im not ready too. I climb on top of him, as if I was
going to ride him like a horse and I run my hands all over his stomach and chest. I bend foward and share my tongue with his.

While doing this my pussy gets warm and wet. He tells me he can feel me getting wet as I sit on top of him.

I play with my tits and finger fuck my pussy in front of him. His eyes are on me, he watches my every move. I reach back and grab his cock that is very hard. I give it a work over and turn around giving him another blowjob.

He begs me to let him out of the handcuffs. I play with my pussy again finger fucking myself, I take some of my juices on my finger and run
it over his lips. He licks my fingers with his tongue.

He again begs for me to let him out of the cuffs. This time I get back on top of him and ride his cock. He moans and says yes baby do me.
I grab his cock and slide my pussy on top of it and ride him hard.

He tries to thrust up and down. I ride for minutes as I like to do. I grab the key off the headboard and release him from the handcuffs.

So guys...if you were released from the handcuffs what would be your next move on me??

Do know I love it orally and nally....mmmmm mmmmm goooooood

jizzm2005 51M

6/11/2005 1:05 am

Not bad, not bad at all!

Dekora 53M
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6/11/2005 4:47 am

My newly freed arms would come to your hips, holding you firmly but gently on my steel shaft. I'd sit up, with you still deeply impaled. Our lips meet in a hot, sensuous kiss. Your arms wrap around my neck as I stand up, carrying you on my cock.

With your safety protected by me turning so you're over the bed, I start thrusting, as you lean back, holding on to my neck. Your head tilts back, your raven locks flowing and bouncing with each thrust.

I pull your chest up to where your nipple comes to my mouth. I tickle your nipple with my lips and tongue as we continue to make love.

Sensuously, we glide down to the surface of the bed, where our lips meet again. I bring your legs up, placing your knees over my shoulders, and thrust swiftly and deeply into you. Your mouth opens wide as a huge gasp escapes. Your eyes roll back, and close.

With each thrust, moans and cries of encouragement escape from you.

Your vaginal muscles contract - your kegel exercises pay off big benefits for us both with each thrust. Your body, accepting my cock deep into your most private of places, begins to milk my shaft of it's seed. Your body's literally nursing my cock, wanting my life-giving seed.

My scrotum, once a huge pendulum, heavy with my testicles, slapping your ass with each thrust, now grows tighter. My vessels of semen preparing to inject the salty fluid deep inside you.

Your moans of ecstacy grow more vocal. The beads of perspiration on our bodies grows from a light dew to two very wet bodies. My balls tighten as your vaginal muscles clamp down on my rock hard shaft. The thrusts growing faster and deeper suddenly stop at their peak. My back arches in a vain attempt to force myself deeper into you yet.

A pump from my testicles reverberates through your vaginal walls like a shockwave. Your climax grows.

A second pump, and the seed of my loins begins their journey up the shaft. Your moans grow louder.

A third pump, and my fluid's first splash sprays against your cervix. Now, my cock is buried inside you - animalistic grunts and involuntarily my arms pull you tight, so as to not waste a single sperm.

The pumps now come continuously - the semen filling your sex, as your vaginal walls expand, creating a suction against my cock, sucking the seed out.

Your climax begins to subside, as our arms begin to relax their grip. My thrusting returns, although slower. You smile as you return to consciousness. Our lips meet in tender kisses. Remaining inside you, I kiss your cheek, find your earlobe and nurse it between my lips. My shaft, still inside you quivers.

I release your earlobe, back up a bit so we can look into each other's eyes. And you smile, when you realise my shaft is not softening.

Your eyes close as you smile. . .

(now what would we do, Kelly? - your turn for our second round!)

52gettingnone 64M  
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6/11/2005 5:12 am

i would play with your tits whle you rodem until you cum allover my cock and i blew my load deep inside you hot bod. Then I would have you sit on my face so I could suck our cum out of your hot wet pussy. After you cum again and i drank allof your sweet juce I would roll you over and lick your nice tight ass and get it ready for a good screwing.

rm_Tallfyreman 48M

6/11/2005 5:51 pm


Without hesitation, I would grab your hips and pull your sweet pussy up to my face. Planting you there as I impale you onto my tongue. Holding you tight, I would take a long, slow lick of your pussy from bottom to top and back down the slippery sweet slit. I feel you wiggling as the pleasure builds up in your body. I hold you tight to my mouth. My lips sucking your lips. My tongue slipping deep inside you. My teeth gentally nibbling your clit. All these sensations bring you to orgasim. You buck and squirm as your orgasim washes through you. I hear your gasp. Ever nerve in your pussy is on fire. I hear your moans. Your leg muscles twitch. I hear your wimpers, as you try forcing my head away. I feel your desperation as I keep licking and you can't take the electrical feeling in your clit. In between broken gasps You beg me to stop but inside you wish to know how much more you can take.
As I let you slip from my grasp, you fall to the bed. I use this oppertunity to take the cuffs you have forgotten about Your mind is lost for only a second so I must move swiftly. I use them on you. I flip you over to your stomach, cuffing your hands to the bed post. The look in your eye is slight surprise, slight anger, mixed with erotic wonder. looking you in the eye I wisper. " I will use you now, I will use your ass." I can tell buy the look in your eye that you are just dying to have me fuck your ass.
I lub my finger. From behind I start to play with your ass. I lean over you, you feel my hot breath on your neck. You feel my finger pressing that little ring between your cheeks. I wisper..." This is what you want. " as my finger slips into your ass...

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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6/14/2005 2:14 pm

At that point you would get the fucking you have been asking for. I would flip you around and handcuff YOU to the headboard. While on your hands and knees with your hands cuffed to the headboard I spank your ass for teasing me so much, I spank it again for your pleasure, and again for mine. I slip my hand down and toy with your clit making it throb and then I spank your clit and pussy just enough to tease the fuck out of you! I put my cock at the entrance to your pussy, I push your head down and tell you to raise your ass for me, then in one smooth steady stroke I drive my cock all the way up your wet pussy. I start right into a good pace and I can feel your pussy getting wetter. I pull my cock out and wipe your pussy juice off of it and smear it on your ass and shove my cock back in your pussy and go back to the steady pace. I take my finger wet with your pussy juice and smear the juice on your ass around you tight hole. I work my finger around and push it into your ass and work it around as I continue to fuck you. I pick up the pace and start fucking your ass with my finger and soon I can feel you body tighten and then burst in orgasm. I pull out and scoop up your cum and juices and smear in on your asshole and slowly drive my cock deep into your tight ass. It feels so good and so tight I have to pause a minute to gain my composure, Then I start to stroke deep into your ass and back out, slowly, giving you time to get used to my cock. I feel your ass begin to ease it's grip on me and that is my signal that tells me I can start fucking you, harder and faster. Now I'm pounding your ass hard and you scream at me "fuck me, fuck my ass", Our bodies are slamming together so hard that it almost hurts, I getting close to cumming and I tell you that I'm going to cum soon and you tell me "cum for me baby, cum in my ass" and that is all I need to push me over the edge and I explode deep in your ass, over and over I thrust my cum deep in your ass, grunting like the animal I am. Finally, I can go no more and pull out of your sweet ass and release the cuffs and hold you in my arms and tell you how wonderful you are.

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