Just a Girls Desires  

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3/27/2006 4:40 am

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Just a Girls Desires

Would probably begin with nice company, nuthing really planned, just hitting from the hip, (go with the flow)
Seeing each other,embraceing and holding one another,tight as our hearts beat together as one.
Looking into one anothrs eyes and feeling good to be in each others company.
Making sure hes comfortable,i hand him a nice chilled glass of his favorite wine. siting there catching up as time is of no effect,getting lost in our conversation,smiling,and teasin,smelling the fresh fragrance from the scented candles that are burning and the dimness it brings,we loose ourselves.
sharring a few soft kiss's (i love to feel a mans lips on mine).. i rub my fingers across your cheek.
Feeling your soft skin, looking at your mouth,as my finger slowly brushing the trail of your bottom lip then the top one just feeling the smoothness.
looking in your face as i begin sinking deep into those dark blue eyes and seeing nuthing but a calm sea.i feel so at ease
feeling more relaxed,i turn and lay my back into your chest as you hold me tight,snuggling your arms around me. as your tongue finds my earlobe nibbling on it allowing your cheek to rests against mine.
Your hand runs the course of my ear,.....then my neck, very ,very slowly
your touch sends chills throw me as you sofly trace across to my cheek, then under my chin as you turn up my head you kiss my lips.
My hand slides behind your head as my fingers run throw your hair slightly pulling you closer down to me our lips begin to devouer each othr and i cant help but loose myself in your embrace.
My body begins to feel funny and starts to tingle all over as my mind drifts to so many diffrent places...one special place i call " my world."
We decide to move up stairs to be more comfortable and get more relaxed as we stand, grabbing our glass's, we walk towards the stairs hand in hand slowly taking them one by one.
Finally turning the corner to my room we set our glass's dwn,and sit on the side of my bed and engage in more talk .You say theres sumthing you want to share with me.so i,laying back on my bed,one leg bent and my hands just over my head eargerly awaiting to hear wat you had on your mind.
You lean down on your side next to me on your elbow looking dwn, letting your hand rest on my thigh,,your hand begins sliding up and dwn on my leg as you begin to talk about your life.
listening tenativly you move your hands up past my hips,thn my waists, your fingers trace the waistban of my jeans,looking down at me you lean in and kiss my lips,our leggs entwine as we move closer.
You look at me with a stare thats so open and deep,once again those blue eyes engulf me and i start to loose myself in them,moving to the top of my blouse you look at me as you start to unbuttom the top button, still looking at me you move to the next,then the next till there all unbuttoned,slowly taking my blouse and movin it away from my body you gaze dwn at me thn again into my eyes, instantly i feel a breez not sure if its from the gaze or from the fan, and my nipples get hard.
I feel your hand move up my side, just under my arm,then over between my breast letting your fingers creep down the center finding my bra,undoing it exposing intimate parts of me,feeling your eyes upon me i take a deep breath.
With the palm of your hand you cup my breast as you lean dwn to run your tongue slighthly across my nipple,sucking it inside your mouth and carressing it.
Your hands are so big, yet im amazed how soft and gentle they seem to feel against my skin, moving dwn feeling more of me dwn to my naval,i find myself completly lost in your sensuous touch and affection.
The feel of your warm hands sliding across my body starts a reaction within me,sending a warm sensation from the center of my chest,down to the pit of my stomic only it doesnt feel like anything i've ever experienced befor due to it starting from the core almost like the warmth was excaping from the inside out.
Our kiss's heat up, our lips part more for more exploration of intimacy,i want to feel your tongue slide across mine,so i can take it between my lips to slightly suck it. mm mm mmm making me have a thirst for more, wanting more i begin probing every inch inside your mouth.
Our breathing gets alill more irratic and we both feel its no turning back now.
Finding my buttons to my jeans you start to undo them till there all open,reaching in feeling me as i let out a low moan,my body reacts to your touch and my back arches as my legs widens. your fingers find my moisten pot of exstacy,sliding inside of me letting your fingers probe me makes my mouth sink into yours even more till im full up with desire for you..mmmm
I straddle you as you lay on the bed, pulling your shirt over your head,tossing it aside as i first kiss your forehead,thn cheek,then chin,neck down your chest letting my breasts fall softly against you, you lean back ,close your eyes and take in the way my skin feels next to yours.
My hands slide down your chest only stopping for a few seconds to ply in your chest hair finding your nipple taking it in my mouth,nibbling,sucking on one as my fingers play with the other.reaching dwn to your waist, between your leggs i can feel how hard you are inside your jeans.
Wanting to see you,and tastes you i teasinly begin kissing your stomic ,moving down on my knees i pull your pants away from your waist as you lift to help me im blown away..(wink)ok getting back into my desire.
Your beautifull,your all man i take in the beauty,the smoothness the way it stands to attention,excited in every way.
I take you in my hand feeling the texture,the softness the warmth, wanting you more then ive wanted anything i lower myself between your legs, my hands mold around every inch of your manhood, feeling the way your body responds to my touch is magical i cant help nibbling every area just around your manhood,building up your need to be pleased,touched fondled licked,and sucked.
letting your manhood slide across my cheek and just under my neck my hand moves the course of your shaft up and down slowly letting it slide across my top lip then the bottom feeling my breath against it,circling the area just under the head around and around till i find the area just underneath were it cums together circling it the feeling of not bing able to stand much more of my own teasing of you, i open my mouth and let the head of your manhood slowly start to move inside my eagerly moistend mouth, as my tongue slide around it, moving lower down the shaft then without notice i slide it deeper inside my mouth, mmm,the way my tongue glides around you,feeling your veins enlarge,and your pre-cum juices start to flow..mmm yesss your juices i can taste you now,your body begins to trimble and your breathing entensifies.
I take you alil deeper as im moving my head giving you such a feeling of desire and want,i strt moving up and down your shaft as one hand moves with every stroke,loving it my other hand strts carressing your balls paying attention to your movemnts i feel i kno wat feels good to you and i strt trying to work up the passion i feel your having as your enjoying the pleasure im giving you,not wanting to stop i continue.
I scoop up one of your balls in my hot mouth,and then the other again taking you deep in my throat you cant control your moans and jerks you start to meet me with every stroke,you say to me "oh baby that feels so good," "oh Tina dont stop".your juices are seeping and im loving the taste of you licking every drop,you begin to pull away,but i want to give you more so i do just that...give you way more,more then you can stand,letting myself loose self control i feel my juices running as you play with me taking my clit in your fingers turning me on emensly .i want to feel you inside me,i need to feel you inside of me.
You slide from under me and turn me over on all fours spreading my leggs with your knees you rest your hand on my lower back and grab yourself and begin to slide it up and dowm my very moisted pussy findin the opening you begin to teasinly circle it, sending tinglin feelings of want thru me
I cant help reaching under,between my legs touching myself, opening myself to except you,but you tease me more, making me mad with desire,till omg you let your head enter me. I feel you, your big really big, my mind strts to think maybe too big,but im so wet,so excited,so in need of feeling you inside me i just want you to make love to me so badly,then you give me alil more im going crazy in my mind with desdire.
you reach up and grab one of my breasts leaning in to me with your waist and you go deeper,mmmmm...yessssss,i can feel you slowly cumming back out making me want you even more sensing this you do it again only you dont make me wait any longer.you grab my hips and pull me back into you and then again our bodies are as one and it feels right. we begin to work together feeling the feeling we're giving one another and enjoying the pleasure
my leggs strt to get weak and you strt to tense up and your strokes becum long and fast,our moans together fill the room with our lovemaking then it happends we cum together in a flood of exstacy and satisfaction .
You rest against me and we slide down onto the bed still connected we lay there, our bodies meshed together, breathing hard trying to relax and enjoy wat our bodies just endured ,holding me close and tight i feel so weak yet so desired and safe .slowly i feel you strt to slide out of me as i lay there snuggling against you and i think to myself im so glad i let you in....into "my world".

Just a gurls desire > my desire > for wat i want, need and look for

nydude1955 61M

3/27/2006 5:36 am

Sinfully Spoiled, I feel the same way you do. I dream of the same kind of love action. I wish you great luck in fullfill your dream. Wonderful story You made me feel as if I were your lover at that moment.

sddd222 33M

3/27/2006 5:42 am


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