For Women: Guide to Fellatio  

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For Women: Guide to Fellatio

Giving The Ultimate Blow Job!

One of the sexiest ways a man can be pleasured is when a woman adores his cock. I think a cock represents about 80% of his ego, so if you want to make your man smile from his soul; you need to completely and thoroughly ADORE his cock. One of the BEST ways to do this is to suck it for him. And I don't mean just lightly lick it. I mean take it in your hand, devour it, lick it hard, suck it hard and feel it down your throat.

First of all, men know if you like doing this or not, just by how you go about it. If you don't like it, he will know because the enthusiasm is not there. Be PASSIONATE about giving head. Go for the gusto and it will turn him on so incredibly that he will say "I had the BEST blowjob today," and he will remember it for many hours of masturbation later.

A woman in charge of the blowjob and who wants to seriously give her man pleasure is in control of him in this moment. Make sure he knows YOU are sucking him; he is NOT fucking your face! One thing you may want to tell the man is not to put his hand on my head. You don't need any help pushing my head down. Some women just HATE that!!!

Here are some tips for truly making love to your partner’s penis:

1) Grab his cock hard and suck it hard. Let him tell you if it's too hard. Don't be afraid you will hurt him. Have you ever seen a man jack off??? You think he's going to seriously hurt himself. LOL. He yanks that thing and pulls it so hard; you think he is going to pull it off!!!

2) Make noises like "mmmmm" or moan when you take it into your mouth. He will feel like he is a yummy lollipop as you slurp his love muscle. He is thinking to himself, "Oh she just loves my cock," and this excites him unbelievably. Remember, you are sucking his EGO.

3) Get it WET. Most men LOVE sloppy, juicy blowjobs. The saliva heats up with friction and is a real turn on for the man.

4) Stroke his balls, but do this carefully. Enough said.

5) Create a good suction and pop his cock in and out of your mouth. On circumcised men, the lip of the helmet is sensitive and some men just go wild when you flip this lip as if you could tip it off his shaft. This is a technique that many don't know about, but it drives men nuts. The part that is most sensitive is the part underneath where the shaft meets the head and causes a valley up the head to the pee hole. Flick this spot in an upward motion with your rigid tongue and cup the rest of the head with your mouth and lips, sucking at the same time. Then plunge his cock down your throat while tonguing his shaft, wildly, creating suction as if it is stuck to the roof of your mouth. Any time you can suck then tongue then suck, you can get incredible results and moans from your man. (They are usually looking up at the heavens by this time)

6) Let him watch as you master his cock (ego). If you are lying on the bed between his legs, or if he is standing looking down, he is intently watching you. Use one hand to stroke his tummy, balls, up and down his legs, thighs, nipples, and hold his cock with the other hand so you can guide it carefully away from your back teeth. Guys who pull your hand away sometimes regret it because they don't realize you are keeping his precious head from those sharp grinders in the back of your mouth. If they've pulled your hand away though, it might be an indication that you were squeezing too hard, or that he wants you to take his cock deeper into your mouth, especially if he is small (4" or less) and your hand takes up most of the length of the shaft. Going all the way down is incredibly pleasurable for the man to see his cock disappear (as if down your throat).

7) Twist your head and mouth as you go down. Apparently this feels great for the man. Go all the way down. If he is too long for you to do this, go as far as you are comfortable with going. The gag reflex kicks in when you go too far but you can circumvent that reflex with practice in opening up your lower throat.

Suck his balls. Men don't usually get a lot of attention to their balls because most women think they'll hurt them. But if you gently stroke them and suck them by taking one into your mouth at a time, tonguing it then moving to the other one, you will see how much enjoyment is derived from this attention. Then use your tongue horizontally up the vein of the cock and feel him gasp when you again, suck the head into your mouth.

9) Don't forget to use your tongue a lot. The flicking and wagging of your tongue using good pressure is very pleasurable. Try twirling it around the head one way, than the other way. Again, this will bring gasps and moans.

10) Another little trick that makes men gasp with pleasure is when you use your teeth ever so gently on the cap of the penis. Be sure there is a lot of saliva for gliding your teeth on. Start out by having your teeth clenched together at the tip of the penis. Then as you glide down the cap and slowly open your jaws. Your lips are closed around the shaft as your head moves downward. Then flick your tongue as your teeth give way and cause suction with it. This sensation seems to bring a new experience to each recipient and usually elicits some comment like. "My God, where did you learn that??"

11) And last but not least, swallowing cum. Many men grew up watching porn and in all porn, pulling out of the mouth and other orifices is the norm, so the viewer can see the glorious "cum shot." As a result, many men associate an awesome orgasm with pulling out and cumming on her breasts, face, tummy or ass as he strokes. It is a turn on to see the fruits of your labour for sure, or feel the warm love juice on your breasts. And it's especially nice when the man then goes and gets a warm washcloth, and cleans you up after that. That is a return compliment. But most will say they want you to swallow. Of the top 5 questions MOST asked by guys to women, "Do you swallow?" is one of the most asked questions. This is because if you remember in the beginning, my first point was; a man's ego lives in his penis. If you swallow his ambrosia, his EGO is given the ULTIMATE compliment.

After he cums in your mouth, slowly pull away and leave the penis alone now. It is painfully sensitive and can't bare any more attention for a few minutes. A nice warm washcloth placed on his shaft and scrotum feel lovely to him as well, while he is resting and recuperating.

You are now equipped with some knowledge of how to pleasure your partner in ways he might not be familiar. Listen to the noises he makes and be acutely aware of what makes him happy. If you want to make him cum as opposed to just warming him up for hours of pleasure, just remember these 5 things: Patience plus passion plus proper pressure plus variety of moves plus swallowing his cum is going to get your man to tell you that you give the ULTIMATE blow-job.


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1/20/2006 3:14 pm

For MEN: Guide to Oral Sex (Part 1)

Oral sex is perhaps one of the most intimate experiences that a man can share with a woman. And there is nothing that turns a woman on more and makes her come harder then a man who knows how to arouse both her mind and body.

While there are many secrets to giving her great oral sex, the first and foremost is that knowing that a woman’s largest sexual organ is her brain. To give her sheer erotic pleasure you must first arouse her mentally before you can fully arouse her physically. If you can master this, you’ll quickly notice your efforts will take her to heights she never knew existed. So how do you do this? I’ve broken it down into a simple equation: ROMANCE + RELAX = CLIMAX. A few examples of how to please, pamper, and thrill your woman: cook dinner, take her out surprisingly, bring her breakfast in bed, surprise her with flowers, and call her at work to tell her you can’t wait to see her later; or simply give her a foot massage. The key is to show her that you have gone out of your way to make her feel special.

The second secret to giving to giving great oral sex is understanding the tools of the trade; your mouth. Made up of your lips, your tongue, your teeth, your gums, your breath, your saliva, and your voice, your mouth is a multi-sensory pleasure machine. Just remember that the more varied and diverse you are with your mouth the more pleasure you will bring to her. The techniques in this guide will help you use all of these tools to their fullest.

Whether you are a new comer to oral sex, or a long time practitioner, approaching a woman’s genital area can sometimes cause a little anxiety.

If you lover is uncomfortable with your journey down under, it’s probably because she thinks that she may smell or taste slightly less then appealing. More likely then not though, her scent will in fact be quite stimulating. Your reassurance of this fact will be well rewarded.

If you are hesitant about embarking on this journey with your lover, you should be aware of the fact that a woman’s genital area is one of the most self-cleansing and self-maintaining aspects of her body. If a woman is clean and does not suffer from infection she should not smell or taste bad.

If either partner has reservations about cleanliness, but a willingness to explore with each other, the best solution is to wash away the worries. Take a shower or bath together prior to engaging in oral sex. Or, rev up the foreplay and use a warm wet washcloth and slowly clean her genital area.

Basic Tongue Strokes

Broad ‒ Keep your tongue relaxed and as flat and as wide as possible. Since this stroke is difficult to move around with quickly, it’s a great means of slowly and sensually initiating arousal in and around her genital area.

Narrow ‒ Tense muscles in the tongue enough to make it a little more rigid. This will give you more control and greater agility to manipulate the fleshy contours of her genitals.

Pointed ‒ Tense and roll the sides of your tongue until it is pointed. This stroke is best used for direct stimulation when she is almost and/or fully aroused. Refrain from flicking too much when using this stroke.

Tongue Movements ‒ Up, down, sideways, circular, figure eight, and rotation (multiple circles strung together)

The A, B, C’s

Getting back to the basics will have your lover screaming with delight. Write out the letters of the alphabet for her ‒ down there. This technique is great for experimenting with your tongue. Upward, downward and sideways strokes are easily interchanged with broad, narrow and more pointed tongue movements.

How To: Keep the tongue relaxed and the saliva flowing. Respond to the contours of her vaginal area with varying speeds and pressure. If you find a letter that she particularly responds to, repeat it as many times as you need to.

Warning - Try to keep your tongue and brain at equal speeds.

Variations - Alternate between upper and lower base, block printing and handwriting. Better yet, have her melting in your mouth by writing out her name or “I love you.” Or better yet, play your own guessing game.


Sex Tip #1

Communication is the key to all great sex, including oral sex. Tell her what you want to do, how you want to do it, and how much you enjoy doing it. Encourage her to tell you what she wants and how she wants you to do it.


The Hummer

Try humming a little ditty when you’re down in her neck of the woods. It will create a buzz on your lips and feel exactly like a vibrator on hers!

How To - Privately practice various tunes on the back of your own hand first. This way you’ll be able to feel what kind of humming sensations you can produce. The deeper and more intense the sound, the more your lips will vibrate. You’ll bring her the greatest pleasure while gently pressing your lips to her genitals with your mouth slightly open. This allows your lips to vibrate more freely. If you don’t sing, don’t pass this technique up! You can try some long deep moans, reciting long division, or anything that you can think of. Once you get going with your reverberating lips, she won’t care what you’re saying down there!

Warning - Unless you’re a natural singer this technique may require a good sense of humour from both parties! Requests are always fun.


Sex Tip #2

Four ways to practice oral tongue techniques: 1. Eat ice cream in a cone. 2. Lick pudding out of the container without a spoon. 3. Suck a lifesaver from the inside out with your tongue. 4. Tie a maraschino cherry stem in a knot using only your tongue and teeth.


Mint Magic

A practice dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks, the use of menthol has long been known to stimulate the genitals during oral pleasure. In fact, the topical application of menthol will gently numb the clitoris, enhancing a prolonged session of oral sex for her!

How To - Partially dissolve a mint candy in your mouth before heading south. With varying tongue strokes, gently but firmly, press the candy directly on and around her clitoris. If this is too much for her at first, slip the candy between your cheek and teeth and use your tongue and saliva to transfer the menthol until it takes effect. As her arousal builds, so will the tingly, numbing sensation. Continue to play with the contours of her genitals until she bursts with delight.

Warning - Women have different levels of sensitivity to menthol and may experience a burning sensation if to much is used. Experiment with one candy; if she doesn’t like it, pop another and repeat.


Sex Tip #3

The success of giving oral pleasure is 95% determination and 5% talent.


The Hoover

This technique is all about suction! Drive her wild by succulently sucking her inner thighs, labia majora & minora, and finally her clitoris.

How To - The key here is to vary the intensity and duration of suction frequently. Start off with 1 ‒ 2 second intervals of light suction. Gauge her response before moving on to slightly longer and more intense sucking. When she is fully aroused concentrate the desired suction level on that area directly around her clitoris. Alternate back and forth between varying intensities and duration to give her the most pleasure.

Warning - Too much suction can lead to discomfort and potential bruising ‒ a “hickey” of sorts. To avoid this have your lover suck on your fingers before and during to show you how she likes to be stimulated.

Variations - During longer sucking intervals, try incorporating tiny circular tongue movements to the area being sucked. She’ll love it!


Sex Tip #4

Did you know her taste will vary depending on what she eats & drinks?


Around The World

Send her to dizzying heights as you slowly travel around her body savouring every last inch as you make your way to the center.

How To - The art of this technique is to tease her just the right amount as you work your way down and around her body to her awaiting genitals. Start by kissing her mouth. From there move on to kiss, nibble, and lick other parts of her face, throat, and ears. Depending on which side you travel down, continue your mouth work on her front or back. Be sure to include unexpected areas like wrists and fingers, as well as expected areas like breasts, pectoral and navel areas, and the small of her back. The less predictable you are, the more aroused she will become. Slowly, but steadily increase the intensity of your kisses and tongue movements as you approach her craving genitals ‒ touch lightly at first and hear her moan. Continue with a little fancy tongue work around the clitoris and she’s done for.

Variations - Fresh fruit or drizzles of flavoured lube are always a refreshing addition to your travels.


Sex Tip #5

If your face isn’t shaved smooth as a baby’s bottom, chances are you’ll feel like sandpaper on her most delicate bits!

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1/20/2006 3:27 pm

For MEN: Guide to Oral Sex (Part 2)

Hot / Cold

Give your lover a climactic whirlwind of sensations by altering back and forth between hot and cold lips. Nerve endings respond to both touch and temperature. By activating both, you’ll give her quite the buzz.

How To - With a small piece of crushed ice resting on your tongue or clenched between your teeth, follow the contours of her body, but only briefly! Now immerse your lips and tongue in warm water and return to the same spot you left off with the ice. Alternate back and forth between hot/cold intervals as you pleasure her with your tongue. Don’t forget to try sensitive spot: nipples, throat, belly button, inner thighs and genital area.

Warning - Skin becomes insensitive to the same stimulations after a while. The key is to vary hot and cold sensations as often as possible.

Variations - For cold sensations use crushed ice, cold fruit pieces, ice cream and/or cool breaths on wet skin. For hot sensations use warm water, warming lube, warm chocolate sauce and/or hot and heavy breathing.


Sex Tip no. 6:

If she doesn’t shave or trim short, run your fingers gently through her public hair to get rid of any strays before going down on her. Saves on flossing.


The Ass-venture:

For those who are a little more ass-venturous, you may want to try stimulating this area of her body. If you chose not to go in for the dive, test the waters by venturing near. This primal approach can be very arousing.

How To - With your lover on her hands and knees, approach her from behind. Lightly touch her buttocks with a variety of gentle nibbling, kissing and licking. With your tongue, slowly and passionately follow the contours of her body, lingering in the area between her perineum and her anus. Stimulate this sensitive area with rhythmic tongue movements such as tapping and tickling. Be gentle but firm. If she is open to having her anus touched, gentle massage the area around the opening with small, circular tongue movements. If you find that your own saliva is not enough, then apply lube. Any penetration should be done slowly and carefully, and with the guidance of your partner.

Warning - Once the anus has been penetrated, the tongue must be thoroughly cleaned before returning to the vaginal area or any other part of her body. Otherwise, you risk giving each other an infection.


Sex Tip no. 7:

For women, foreplay has two essential stages. The first works on her brain, the second works on her body. These must be performed in this order!


The Classic (Her on her back, you between her legs)

This position allows for good upward stroking and lifting of the clitoral hood. It also lends itself to alternating between broad strokes and more pointed ones while circling the clitoral bud. The woman can adjust how open she is by opening or closing her thighs. Use pillows under her hips and under your chest for better range of motion and comfort.


Sex Tip no. 8:

Keep a good thing going. When you hit the spot, stay where you are and don’t change a thing!


On Your Face (Her straddling your face)

This position is great if your woman likes to adjust the pressure and speed as she needs to. It’s also ideal for both upward and downward stroking motions as well as suctions. Support your head with pillows for better comfort and more vertical give.


Sex Tip no. 9:

Oral sex does not always result in orgasm. It can be used as foreplay, or intermittently during or after intercourse.


Au Derriere

French for “from behind,” this position is great for soft, vaginal stimulation and for more direct anal play.


Sex Tip no. 10:

Feel free to improvise with any of these techniques. Incorporating new ideas into your sexual repertoire always makes things more exciting.


Sixty-Nine (69)

While this is a great position for both of you to warm up with, it’s also ideal for women who have a more sensitive clitoris. Using a downward stroking motion you’ll be able to lightly stimulate the clitoris as her arousal increases. Add even more variety by alternating positions of who’s on top, and even try it on your sides.


Sex Tip no. 11:

Read her body language. If what you’re doing isn’t working, move onto something else. Don’t be afraid to ask her what feels good.


Extra Tongue Tid-Bits:

What is good tongue timing and how do you know that you’re practicing it? If you want to wow your woman, here are a few cardinal rules to live by:

Always Start Off Softly - Since the clitoris is initially very sensitive, women love it to be touched lightly at first. With a full wet mouth, nuzzle right into her genital area. Pull back and gently stroke her genital area with a broad, wet tongue. Repeat this while incorporating some kissing until you gauge and increase her level of arousal.

Slowly Build Up Intensity - As you sense her level of arousal rising, increase the pressure of your tongue strokes. Now begin to introduce soft sucking as well as more pointed and quicker tongue strokes into your mouth work.

Stay Steady Even When You Hit the Jackpot - When she screams that you’ve hit the spot, it means she wants you to keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Not harder or faster, but exactly what you’re doing!

Never Is a Good Time for Tongue Flicking - Direct flicking on the clitoris, especially in the initial stage is not a very stimulating sensation for most women. It really comes down to the individual. Ask her before you begin this.

Variety Is the Spice of Life - Be sure to vary your tongue movements frequently. The effects of this will bring her greater and more intense pressure. Also, vary frequency of kissing, licking, sucking, breathing, etc.

Always Ask Her What Feels Best - While these are just a few helpful tips, ask your lover what feels good to her. She is your best guide for giving her great oral sex.

Alternatives - If your woman has a super sensitive clitoris, try giving her oral pleasure through silk panties. Try it even if she doesn’t!

Hopefully you all enjoyed the read! Carry on...


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