Redheads wanted!  

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3/28/2006 4:30 pm

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Redheads wanted!

So, Simon is a natural Redhead. Ok, the beard is going grey, and its the RED that turns strait to white, -and I hate that- but that's the reality of life! I have always said that I was "Observant enough to notice, but not vain enough to care" about it, and for the most part, that is true.

Being a Redhead is nice... we are the rarest of Phenotypes in NA, arising from a recessive gene that can be traced back to Norse Scandinavia. But being a redhead means that on some level, Simon is "Genetically Programmed" to be attracted to other natural Redheads! There is something about that Auburn/fiery/carrot-top/amber hair on a woman that just really gets Simon's heart pounding with desire!

Also, and perhaps in conjunction with that, is the beautifull pale skin that we often have as well. Not pale as in sickly, but that clean white alabaster complexion, glowing with inner health (and Passion) that radiates from an inner glow. Like, if your lucky enough to see a lot of it, you are a lucky man indeed!

Which brings us to one of Simon's favorite things about himself! See, simon's "front porch" matches the "house Carpet" And at least here, and for now... the invading Greys have no dominion! Simon's Johnson is still surrounded by the glorious, fiery red hair of his youth!

Yes, I know that pubic hair has become the final grooming frontier, (especially for men) but Simon is proud of his hirsute heratige! And lucky indeed is the woman who may get to discover this in person!

Which brings me to my current desire of the moment...

Wanna see who's the truer redhead? Up close and very personally? Being male (and therefore VERY visual) *I* would love to see --naughty parts in conjunction-- another true Redhead and simon 'merged'

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