Why not be here ?  

SilverCityGhost 49M
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3/20/2006 3:04 pm
Why not be here ?

Someone asked why the heck am I on an “adult action site” if I am not seeking any type of adult action?

Well because I have met many great people, and we have no interest in ‘adult action” with each other. We became friends, not people out to exploit each other.

So I have returned to joke around with others, exchange ideas, debate, and make more friends.

I am also here to be an ear you can chat with. We all have our problems, dramas, and disappointments. Even though this is a site for hooking up, most of us are here for the human connection. Wanting to be accepted as is, and not thought of as broken. Even if I do not know you, you are still a human being, and someone does give a damn about you.

So if you seek a regular guy to chat with about life, love and happiness feel free.

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